Working from home? Remote meetings don’t have to be boring — 10 cool EOC-related backgrounds to spice up your video conferencing!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things, not the least of which, the way we work. Suffice to say when things finally return to normal, most employers will likely have a different perspective on remote work.

With the latest technology, including Juvare solutions, you’re still just as prepared and as in-the-loop as ever, and you’re just as connected to critical data and instant communication. With the help of Juvare, and of course video conferencing technology like Zoom, collaboration is quick and easy, and the next best thing to being there.

By necessity, many of us have moved from the EOC to a home office (or couch, kitchen counter, dining room table etc); and for others that means they’ve had to take over their ‘junk room’ – probably the one where all the random stuff gets hidden when people come over.

Look, nobody wants to see that. Maybe you’re hiding the junk, but you can’t hide that plain beige wall in the background. So, why not dress it up a little?

As always, Juvare is here to help. We’ve created lots of COVID-19 pandemic-related resources, best practices, and boards for you on the resources page to help with the serious work. But we also thought we’d like to bring a little fun to the difficult and often tedious work you’re doing.

We’ve put together some cool background images to make your video meetings a little more interesting – from futuristic control centers and NASA space control (Houston, we have no problem!) to the cockpit of a B-17 bomber and the surface of the moon (if you really want to get away!).

Just download the zipped files here and use one of the 10 video conferencing backgrounds we put together for you, and upload in your Zoom app. (In Zoom, go to Settings, then Virtual Backgrounds, and click the + to add). Take a screen shot and send it to us so we can show the world how Juvare users work from home in style!

We know these are serious times and emergency managers are busier than ever. We hope by adding a little levity to your meetings, we can also make the workload seem a little lighter.

As always, we stand ready to support you during these difficult times.

Don’t hesitate to call on us for any support you need with any of our solutions for your public health and critical incident management activities.

Written by

Akshay Birla

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