Ensuring Aviation Safety in the Air and on the Ground

Juvare solutions keep the world flying, protecting passengers, pilots, airlines and airports.

Safety Solutions for Airlines and Airports

Serving most major U.S. and international airlines, Juvare helps airlines and airports comply with FAA and NTSB requirements. Airlines and airports rely on WebEOCx to support everything from passenger data management to reservation and flight manifest system integration.

Aviation Solutions

Multi-System Integration

Integrate with critical airline and airport data sources using WebEOCx, including reservation, training HR systems and third-party agencies. Benefits include the ability to support secure inbound call documentation, among others.

Simulation Scenarios

Develop custom simulation scenarios to strengthen emergency preparedness by conducting regular training and exercises. With Juvare, aviation clients are better prepared to meet today’s unique challenges and unexpected threats.

Passenger and Crew Tracking

Gain a better understanding of all passenger and crew member manifest information. With improved data management and visibility, Juvare customers are able to notify relevant parties immediately and organize appropriate aid quickly during an incident.

24/7 Daily Operations

Gain immediate access to critical data anytime, anywhere. When used for daily operations, WebEOCx enables airlines and airports to easily keep pace with ongoing operations and automate critical event management around the clock.

Travel Module

Address National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) requirements for family assistance. The WebEOCx Travel Module is a specialized offering meeting the needs of command center teams, including the ability to deploy staff to assist with incident investigations, provide passenger/crew info for responders, and aid in managing teams during an incident. 

“WebEOC is a terrific tool and the Air & Cruise Module makes it ten times more useful for us. It is a perfect fit for the unique requirements of an airline’s emergency program. We use it daily to manage our Care Teams, and it has become fundamental to our response plans.”

John Midgette

Advisor, Business Continuity & Emergency Response, Southwest Airlines