Juvare Newsroom

    Pre-hospital notifications help clinicians save lives

    ATLANTA, Ga. –  Juvare launches enhanced Incoming Patient Notifications to alert hospitals in advance of patient arrivals. Sending notifications enables hospitals to better prepare for patients requiring specialized care, including incoming STEMI, stroke, sepsis, and trauma patients.

    Juvare Launches Coordinated Response for eICS

    ATLANTA, Ga. –  Juvare has launched a new product enhancement for its eICS incident command software, further enabling any business or organization with multiple facilities, to exchange information and collaborate innovatively during a crisis or planned event. Health systems and healthcare coalitions, corporations, as well as colleges and universities, will now have easier access to critical resources and mutual aid.

    Juvare Encourages Flooding Vigilance During Hurricane Michael

    ATLANTA, Ga. –  Flooding is one of the most common hazards in the United States, with 90 percent of all U.S. natural disasters involving some sort of flooding. As Hurricane Michael bears down on more than 300 miles of Florida and Alabama coastline, Juvare is supporting clients in communicating the importance of monitoring weather reports and road conditions. Water levels will rise before Michael makes landfall and heavy rains will certainly bring flooded roads. The Florida Department of Transportation is encouraging motorists who see flooded roads to turn around and find alternate routes, adding that flooded roads can hide washed out roads and only 6 inches of rushing water can easily push a car off the road.

    Launch of the New NMAS Takes Mutual Aid Net to the Next Level

    ATLANTA, Ga. – The National Mutual Aid System (NMAS) partnership announced the launch of the new NMAS, an emergency resource management system where all users can access cutting-edge technology to request, geospatially locate and strategically deploy response resources. The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), Juvare, and Esri have been working since the fall of 2017 to build NMAS to serve state and local governments throughout the U.S.

    Juvare enables volunteer registration during Hurricane Lane

    ATLANTA, Ga. –  With recent unpredictable weather events—wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding and now Hurricane Lane—causing challenges for communities from the Western mainland U.S. to Hawaii and beyond, Juvare connects individuals, agencies and businesses to the critical resources they need before, during and after disasters. One such need is support for registering and credentialing professional healthcare volunteers.

    Professional healthcare volunteers are crucial to managing any crisis, and ongoing recruitment is sometimes necessary for long periods of time, as in the case of the California wildfires. The impact of Hurricane Lane could be felt for a long time after the storm passes with the potential for increased flooding and landslides as well.