Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Empowering critical incident preparedness, coordinated response, mitigation, and recovery.

Keep People, Property and Brand Equity Safe

Every day, emergency management teams rely on Juvare solutions to make thousands of critical decisions. Whether it’s tracking medications for hospitals fighting the opioid crisis, evacuating communities affected by a natural disasterresponding to an active shooter incident, planning for security at a large event, responding to a pandemic, or performing daily system checks of a nuclear reactor – Juvare solutions provide the critical information needed to protect people, property, and brands. 

Situational Awareness

In a crisis situation, the best decisions are made with a full understanding of events as they are happening. We deliver the dynamic workflows and real-time situational awareness required to maximize operational effectiveness for effective critical incident management, empowering real-time collaboration, and efficient tracking of data and resources.

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Juvare emergency management technology enhances communication, streamlines collaboration, and improves information sharing to empower preparedness and response for any situation.


Juvare emergency management solutions are the most widely-used and battle-tested technologies available – purpose-built to support planning, logistics, training, situational awareness, collaboration, and coordination of all critical preparedness and response activities.

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Expert-Designed Solutions

Juvare solutions are developed and designed with emergency managers in mind – with deep experience and understanding of what emergency managers need for effective and efficient operationsJuvare solutions are used by federal, state, and local agencies, as well as corporations, hospitals, and educational institutions to manage emergencies, large-scale planned events, and daily operations. 

Software Solutions

Emergency Management Technology – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Prepare for and respond to emergencies with the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology in the industry.

WebEOC scales for customers of any size, with bi-directional data sharing and common workflows which leads to greater collaboration, resulting in faster response and recovery, and more resilient corporations.

Real-time Collaborative Incident Management Network

Juvare Exchange facilitates communication and collaboration across public, private and healthcare sectors, as well as geographical and jurisdictional borders, in a single real-time dashboard.

Powered by critical data sharing, Juvare Exchange provides a comprehensive resource hub and dynamic communication for proactive coordinated response, which is essential to effective critical event management.

Electronic Incident Command System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Plan for, respond to and recover from incidents with an out-of the-box framework for all-scale events with a robust toolkit for customization.

Launch critical communications instantly and keep stakeholders informed during an event. Notify individuals, teams and groups, gathering their availability and making informed deployment decisions. Deliver reliable tactical alerts and notifications via voice, text and email.

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