Energy Utilities

Maintaining Operational Efficiency in Energy and Utilities Industries

Drive effectiveness and improve efficiency with Juvare solutions.

Automate, Track, and Improve

Juvare Solutions for Business automate your processes, making them more efficient and effective. Eliminate manual tracking and define critical roles within the software. Our tools adapt to your needs. You never have to change your process or procedure to fit our solutions.

Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Regulatory Compliance

Drive effectiveness and efficiency of risk and compliance programs with Juvare Solutions for Business, to meet applicable regulations. Ensure operational integrity and safety to take decisive action in uncertain times.

Data + Mapping

Juvare helps electric, oil and gas, water, pipelines, corporate agencies and others communicate with and support the social well-being of their local communities, keeping them engaged and informed in real time.

Disaster Response

Highly effective for disaster response, WebEOC provided the interconnectivity and communications needed to respond to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Physical Security

Track personnel who are dispatched and connect them to the resources they need using integrated mapping. Use common operating picture dashboards to keep track of personnel, notifications and responses to ensure safety.

Expense Tracking

Disasters cost money. Big money. Track line item dollar amounts for every disaster through Juvare Energy Solutions to help with government reimbursement and grant funding.

Reputation Protection

Juvare provides the most well-known, trusted, and battle tested incident and crisis management solutions and aims to be the preferred choice of top Fortune 1000 companies for emergency response and daily operations. 

Business Resilience

Juvare Solutions for Business provides intelligent incident response and greater business resilience to help you not only bounce back but to bounce forward after disruptive events.

Automated Incident Management

Automate tasks to ensure fast and effective response to any type of crisis. Automated workflows along with a common operating picture to ensure the safety and protection of your employees, visitors, customers, and brand. Stay connected to local and state agencies during emergencies for optimal awareness, response, and recovery.

Wood UK Ltd. WebEOC Case Study

See how a $10 Billion company uses WebEOC to save time and improve operations.

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