Guru Minute Video: Sanjay Satagopan – WebEOC and Juvare Exchange

Juvare Product Manager Sanjay Satagopan talks about what sets Juvare apart in emergency management technology and solutions. He discusses some of Juvare’s solutions, including WebEOC – the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology, as well as the recently-launched Juvare Exchange platform – the first-of-its-kind collaborative emergency management network connecting the public, private and healthcare sectors in real time.

Our Guru Minute video series is inspired by one of the most popular features of Juvare’s annual Exchange conference – the “Guru Lounge” – where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.

Juvare Guru Minute: Sanjay Satagopan on Juvare Exchange

My name is Sanjay Satagopan and I’m a product manager at Juvare.

Juvare is unique mainly due to our expertise. We were born out of the need for emergency management software. That’s been our focus from day one, and we’ve built up that expertise over 20 years of existence, so, we have that industry expertise to best apply and understand our clients’ needs.

Some of the main features of WebEOC include incident command system – so it supports all cycles of the emergency management life cycle, meaning preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery.

So, all of those stages can be accommodated in WebEOC, whether it’s through managing the specific plans by incident, tracking resources, deploying resources, applying missions, communicating information to the general public, or tracking weather etc. WebEOC is a pretty powerful platform that accommodates all that.

Juvare Exchange extends all the capabilities that we have already in our portfolio by allowing all our products, as well as other products, to talk to each other.

Right now, a lot of organizations are siloed in their response and their preparation, so they really only know about what they themselves are doing. But when large scale incidents happen, lots of organizations need to collaborate and coordinate to mount an effective response, and that’s where Juvare Exchange comes into the picture, it allows them to do that.

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Written by

Akshay Birla

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