Guru Minute Video: Sanjay Satogopan

One of the most popular features of the annual Exchange conference sponsored by Juvare has been the “Guru Lounge” where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.

In the spirit of the Guru Lounge, we introduce the Juvare Guru Minute video series. The first installment of this ongoing quick-chat video series features Juvare Product Manager Sanjay Satogopan, who discusses the basics of critical incident management solutions, including what they do and what types of organizations benefit from them.

Juvare Guru Minute

Juvare Guru Minute: Sanjay Satogopan

My name is Sanjay Satagopan and I’m a product manager at Juvare.

Why is critical incident management important?

Emergencies are happening daily across the world. You may not be affected by them today, but it’s likely that there may be something that happens in your area, whether it’s at your individual facility or where your clients  your clients or customers are – you need to manage those instances.

How does critical incident management technology help?

So, it supports all cycles of emergency management life cycle, meaning preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery. Whether it’s through managing the specific plans by incident, tracking resources, deploying resources, applying missions, communicating information to the general public, or tracking weather etc.– WebEOC is a pretty powerful platform that accommodates all that.

How do Juvare solutions help with critical incident management?

Juvare is unique mainly because of our expertise. We have several solutions available addressing different sectors including healthcare, public sector, private sector, as well. And what they all generally do is help all those clients manage emergencies; and what that means is, that they get more information, record the information around incidents and emergencies, have plans and processes in mind that they implement during those emergencies and track all that through our solutions.

We’ve built up that expertise over 20 years of existence. So we have that industry expertise to best apply and understand our clients’ needs.

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Akshay Birla

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