Supporting First Responders and Their Communities 24/7 in Battling Wildfires

ATLANTA, Ga. – Wildfires are enveloping areas of our earth, from Oregon and California to Sweden and Greece. Winds are exacerbating the situation, causing fires to grow in intensity and change direction quickly. With exorbitantly high temperatures and extreme drought, these fires are showing no sign of slowing down. Even with today’s predictive technology, weather and climate change seem to be more unpredictable than ever. Communities and agencies are facing new challenges, while also being afforded new opportunities to work together, sharing information and resources.

We at Juvare are here to ensure that our clients and their communities have access to the support they need at all times. We recognize the efforts required of these individuals, agencies and organizations to be resilient as they run incident command operations around the clock—enlisting and registering volunteers, directing people to shelters, finding missing persons, maintaining real-time situational awareness and so much more—in order to respond to emergencies quickly and save lives. We are proud that our WebEOC solution, along with the technology we offer to emergency medical services, public health departments and hospitals, are engaged in many of these communities supporting responders as they take action.

“We recognize our clients work hard to prepare for such events, but we never fully come to grips with the reality of these situations until they are upon us,” says Robert (Bob) Watson, President and CEO, Juvare. “Our technology helps our clients connect people to the resources they need quickly. However, it is the individuals and the collective communities that truly shine in times of crisis. We extend our heartfelt support to everyone impacted by these terrible events.”

Juvare is bringing multi-agency coordination and public-private partnerships to the front lines, empowering all responders with unprecedented data exchange, new common operating views and enhanced communication so vital to preparing for and responding to these widespread, unplanned events.

To all of our clients working at state and local emergency management agencies, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities and businesses, or serving in other roles to help fight these fires, we want you to know Juvare is here for you.

For 24/7/365 Live Juvare Support, please call 877 771 0911 or email [email protected].

To stay abreast of current fire data, visit the National Interagency Fire Center. Learn more about wildfire safety and preparedness at


Photo Credit: Map produced by Predictive Services, National Interagency Fire Center Boise, Idaho

Written by

Juvare Staff

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