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CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Planning & Compliance Matrix

651 Pages Condensed to 5 to Help Your Facility Meet the CMS Deadline

It is important that your facility is compliant with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule in order to receive Medicare and Medicaid benefits, Looking at the key components of the final rule Intermedix set out to deliver suppliers and providers a condensed five-page view including the primary areas of plan development and compliance for Emergency Preparedness.

Information Management Software Checklist for Departments of Transportation

Top 10 Key Areas Departments of Transportation Need to Consider When Searching for Information Management Software

In today's technology-driven world, transportation organizations are using multiple software platforms to perform both daily operations and emergency management. If you're looking to combine your technology into an all-in-one solution, this checklist will help you determine the functionalities a solution must have in order to meet your transportation organization's needs.

Information Management Software Checklist for Higher Education

Understand the Must-Have Features of an Incident Management Solution to Ensure the Safety of Staff, Faculty and Students in the Universities Ever Changing Environment

Possessing the ability to take a proactive approach to risk assessment and information management to create a common operating picture can help improve campus security, daily operations and continuity efforts to ensure safety for the community. To help your university in its mission to making its campus a safer place we have put together this checklist to provide you with key points that universities must look at when searching for an all-in-one incident management solution.