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Access emergency management vehicles at any time, any place, and identify their locations in real time.

Why should you invest in FleeteyesX?

Locate Vehicles Quickly

Find available vehicles quickly and determine the closest to the incident using data plus mapping. Automatically calculate driving distance and arrival times with the FleeteyesX Candidate Ranking feature.

Call Playback

Retrieve information and perform quality assurance checks to ensure the most efficient incident response. Historical data, including routes taken during an incident is stored on every vehicle.

Fleet at a Glance

See active vehicles and their status, speeds, direction, destinations and other fleet details at a glance with the FleeteyesX status board. Information on the board can come from a CAD system or vehicle’s GPS.

Instant Communication

Inform all users of the type of incident, such as when a vehicle is responding to an active shooter or if a crew has left the hospital without notifying dispatch of their status.

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