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7 Steps to Ensure Safe Return
to Campus

A guide to essential emergency management
workflows and capabilities.

Using this guide will help campus emergency management teams and leaders ensure that the processes you currently have in place are effective to establish campus tracking and monitoring procedures, communications and collaboration capabilities, and support the real-time situational awareness you need to ensure the health and safety of your campus.

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Ensuring a Safe Return to Campus

As higher education institutions assess the prospect of reopening, there are many factors to consider about how to return to operations as usual. The key consideration is: there will be no such thing as “business as usual” and colleges and universities will have to make many preparations for the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

About Juvare

Juvare is a world-wide leader in developing emergency preparedness and response solutions. Juvare has supported thousands of emergency response incidents worldwide and connects more than 95% of the U.S. population through its emergency preparedness and response technologies.

Whether it is preparation, response, or recovery, Juvare solutions empower all stakeholders to work more efficiently and effectively to protect people, property and brands. Juvare solutions support planning, logistics, maintenance and diagnostics, training, and management, as well as coordination of tactical activities on site during and after a critical incident.

Juvare has supported over 500,000 emergency response incidents to date and continues to support thousands of planned and unplanned critical incidents every year. 

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