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AVL & Mapping

The Juvare AVL & Mapping solution, Fleeteyes is a vehicle management solution that supports vehicle tracking from dispatch to drop-off. It can be used to track different types of resources, such as ground vehicles or aircraft, and is easily scaled to accommodate the needs and size of your agency.

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Candidate Ranking

The powerful Fleeteyes solution uses Candidate Ranking to quickly find available vehicles and determine the closest unit to the incident location. In addition, the Candidate Ranking feature automatically calculates the driving distance and time of arrival for different vehicles, ensuring the timely response of units to emergent incidents.



In real-time Fleeteyes offers instant communication between users within the system using Geofence and event-driven alerts. These configurable alerts inform all applicable users of important condition, such as when a vehicle is responding to an active shooter or a crew has left the hospital without notifying dispatch of their status.

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Call Playback

Fleeteyes stores historical data for each vehicle and allows users to retrieve this information at any time. The Playback feature, a history tool, tracks the route taken by vehicles so that administrators and users alike can visualize a specific vehicle’s journey from the beginning of an incident to its termination.


Status Board

The Status Board provides an at-a-glance overview of an agency’s vehicles and their most important details. It shows all currently active vehicles along with their statuses, speeds, directions of travel, destinations, and other essential information. Depending on the setup, information on the board comes directly from either a CAD system or a vehicle’s modem.

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Fleeteyes Mobile is an easy-to-use application that was built for use on multiple devices and operating systems. With Mobile, supervisors and users alike can monitor their vehicles and active incidents from anywhere at any time.


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