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Patient Tracking

EMTrack is a web-based, multi-functional tracking system that is used to track patients, clients, and event participants and their property throughout virtually any situation, from natural and human-caused disasters to large planned events. This powerful solution offers a secure common operating picture that facilitates interoperable communications and situational awareness during events of any scale.

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Scenario-Specific Configuration

Healthcare professionals use EMTrack to prepare for and address virtually any type of scenario. The solution supports medical response during patient and evacuee surges caused by natural or human-caused events, such as hurricanes, MCIs and biohazard situations. Its powerful tracking and searching capabilities support family reunification situations resulting from disasters. In addition, data capture can be configured to meet the unique needs of other scenarios, from coordinating planned events such as marathons to managing day-to-day transport operations.


Comprehensive Tracking Components

EMTrack is comprehensive, offering web- and mobile-based components to manage incident response from beginning to end. This powerful, single-source solution includes all tracking components such as a browser-based online data repository, mobile data capture software and offline and real-time data transmission. Furthermore, interfaces can be configured to integrate EMTrack with ePCR and CAD systems, as well as other solutions such as WebEOC.

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Scalable Deployment

EMTrack is a highly scalable, interoperable, multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional tracking and communications tool. Its design inherently supports an unlimited number of users within a contracted region, at no additional cost to the user. In addition, EMTrack’s scalability enables healthcare professionals to respond to incidents or events of any size, from multiple vehicle collisions involving three patients to coastal evacuations impacting entire populations.



Mobile Capability

EMTrack’s mobile options are essential tools for responders working at incident sites who must rely on mobile devices to gather critical client data. EMTrack offers applications for handheld devices and iOS and Android™ smartphones. No matter the application, Mobile delivers a focused subset of features that allows responders to quickly and easily collect data by performing common, essential functions such as scanning IDs or triage tags, gathering patient data, and transporting, receiving and discharging clients.

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EMTrack Mobile is an easy-to-use application that was built for use on multiple devices and operating systems.


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