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EMResource is a powerful, web-based solution designed to address resource management needs across the health care continuum. Our solution was designed by clinicians for clinicians, equipping those involved in health care and emergency response with practical, convenient and holistic operational views of area and regional resources.

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Situational Awareness

EMResource brings unparallel situational awareness through configurable data collection and displays, allowing administrators to collect information from health care resources that can be as general or specific as needed to support situational awareness, planning and response activities. EMResource supports exercise and live event management by allowing users to create events, notify involved individuals and collect critical information necessary to effectively respond to an emergency situation.

Situational Awareness
Status Reporting

Status Reporting

EMResource provides users the ability to understand the operational status of a facility, emergency department or the number of patients at a long-term care facility in order to make critical operational decisions. EMResource enables those in the continuum of health care, whether EMS is seeking knowledge of which ED is open to ambulances or public health is looking for overall capacity of hospital specialties, to quickly understand the capabilities of the health care infrastructure through status reporting and customized queries.

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Bed Availability

EMResource supports bed availability reporting that includes both regional and state-wide summaries. The daily component involves updating bed availability on an ongoing basis to support situational awareness such as enabling patients to be transported to the most appropriate available bed. Availability can also be updated episodically to support patient surge needs related to an event such as a mass casualty incident or disease epidemic, or to support large-scale evacuations in response to severe weather or utility failure.

Bed Availability
Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

EMResource can automatically alert the appropriate users when situations and statuses change. It’s robust notification system is tailored to meet the modality of choice for its users, and the mobile application allows users to receive notifications and update information remotely. The auto-notification process ensures timely notification of key constituents. Additionally, the configurable and intuitive form service feature makes collecting data for daily operations, special needs and emergency response easy for administrators.


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EMResource Mobile places the power to manage assets and resources in the palm of your hand. No matter where you are, you can use this app to instantly access critical information about your resources during an event.

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