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Find out how to leverage EMSupply to manage medical supplies in daily operations, emergency situation response, and Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) operations.

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Why EMSupply is the Industry Standard:

Manage Stockpile Assets

EMSupply tightly manages inventory processes including SNS and MCM, from initial procurement through receiving, staging, and storing (RSS), through distribution and consumption.

Works Where and How You Do

EMSupply supports a web portal and a mobile app to deliver real-time data and collaboration, and provides an unlimited-user and unlimited-access licensing model. 

Aligns Intelligently with Juvare Solutions

EMSupply integrates with other popular Juvare solutions including EMResource, EMTrack, eICS, and Juvare Exchange, or can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

Full Notification and Reporting Capabilities

EMSupply produces detailed reports with just a few clicks, saving time in reconciliation and cycle counts. Reporting capabilities are structured to maximize preparedness and reduce waste.