Prepare. Connect. Respond.

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Find out how to leverage the first-of-its-kind collaborative critical incident management network connecting the public, private, and healthcare sectors in real time.

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Why JX Collaborate is the Industry Standard:

Prepare for the Unexpected

Create the most comprehensive & accurate operating picture possible with an enhanced dashboard, data visualization & mapping, aggregated third-party data.

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Publicize important data, resource availability, open/close retail status. Access mutual aid and use automated request to obtain needed supplies and resources more easily. 

Connect with Shared Critical Data

Access and share critical data securely, selectively, and collectively via a customizable dashboard. Share information with the entire Juvare Exchange community or with specific, selected participants.

Protect People, Property, & Brands

Vastly improve critical incident planning, response, and recovery capabilities with the unsurpassed connectivity and collaboration offered by Juvare Exchange.