Education Solutions

Creating a Safe Environment
for Education

Juvare Solutions for Education help ensure campus safety.

Take a Proactive Approach for a Secure Learning Environment

Juvare’s solutions for risk assessment, information management, and emergency management at colleges and universities to improve security and ensure student, staff and faculty safety while supporting daily operations. Juvare Solutions for Education help create a secure environment for students, staff, visitors and their surrounding communities.

Ensuring Campus Safety

Stay Prepared at All Times

Planning is essential. With Juvare’s powerful incident command tool, eICS, schools, colleges and universities can develop customized action plans, response guides and processes.

Securely Track All Response

Provide immediate, effective information to staff, faculty and students during a crisis response. System users can communicate pertinent details in real time and manage assignments via integrated web and mobile applications.

Deliver a Positive Recovery

Identify, document and address each issue to improve your overall process, using eICS for Higher Education. Proven, scalable technology helps drive the recovery process and accurately assess strengths and weaknesses by leveraging the data eICS gathers.

Manage Incidents from Anywhere

Use the eICS smartphone app in the event of campus incidents. A mobile device can be used to initiate notifications, monitor availability for assisting, assign positions, request resources, as well as all documenting and reporting. Chat with emergency managers and public safety officials, and share field reports or photographs via the mobile.

Juvare Solutions

Electronic Incident Command System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Plan for, respond to and recover from incidents with an out-of the-box framework for all-scale events with a robust toolkit for customization.

Emergency Management Technology – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Prepare for and respond to emergencies with the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology in the industry.

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