Creating a Safe Environment for Education

Juvare Solutions for Education help ensure campus safety, keeping students, faculty, and staff protected.

Take a Proactive Approach to a Secure Learning Environment

Solutions for risk assessment, information management, and emergency management are vital to ensure student, staff, and faculty safety. Juvare solutions for Education help create a safe and secure environment for higher education learning, while also supporting daily operations.


WebEOC Campus is designed to help manage the complexities of returning to campus by monitoring individuals’ health, tracking facility statuses,  managing PPE supplies, assigning tasks, and aligning with policies, processes, and procedures.

Stay Prepared for Anything

Planning is essential. With Juvare’s powerful incident command solution, schools, colleges and universities can develop customized action plans, response guides, and processes.

All Response Activities in One Place

Leverage dashboards and automated workflows for all activities and provide immediate, effective information to staff, faculty, and students during a crisis response. Users can communicate pertinent details in real time and manage assignments via integrated web and mobile applications to keep all data centralized for a single common operating picture.

Streamline Recovery Process

Identify, document, and address each issue to improve your overall critical incident response process, using Juvare solutions for Higher Education. Proven, scalable technology helps drive the recovery process to mitigate risks, protect students, faculty, and staff, and ultimately return to normal operations stronger.

Manage Incidents from Anywhere

Juvare solutions provide mobile functionality to initiate notifications, facilitate personnel check-ins, monitor staff availability, assign tasks, request resources, and document/report. 

7 Steps to Ensure Safe Return to Campus

Learn how you can safely get back to campus with the 7 essential steps.

Education Solutions

Emergency preparedness and response solutions with pandemic-specific workflows, such as contact tracing and case management, to deliver the dynamic processes higher education institutions need to keep people safe in order to return to campus.

Electronic Incident Command System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Plan for, respond to and recover from incidents with an out-of the-box framework for all-scale events with a robust toolkit for customization.

Launch critical communications instantly and keep stakeholders informed during an event. Notify individuals, teams and groups, gathering their availability and making informed deployment decisions. Deliver reliable tactical alerts and notifications via voice, text and email.

Emergency Management Technology – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Prepare for and respond to emergencies with the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology in the industry.

WebEOC scales for customers of any size, with bi-directional data sharing and common workflows which leads to greater collaboration, resulting in faster response and recovery, and more resilient corporations.

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