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Reliable High-Volume Notifications for Public Health Authorities and Healthcare Professionals

Secure Public Health Messaging

Built to CDC PHIN Standards

Delivering 6M+ Alerts Annually

Secure Public Health Communication

The crucial step between high-level situational awareness and actionable response initiatives is the accurate and timely exchange of pertinent health information. Using Juvare’s CORES HAN solution, public health authorities can communicate rapidly and effectively with healthcare providers and other stakeholders in real time through a single centralized platform.

CORES HAN is an industry-specialized messaging system designed to help government health departments and private healthcare organizations create, distribute, receive, and document targeted multi-channel notifications. Medical professionals can sign up to receive alerts from their jurisdiction’s public health authority and manage their notification preferences through CORES HAN’s user-friendly registration portal. Public health officials can then process, organize, select, and communicate with those registrants quickly and easily using the solution’s configurable organizational hierarchies and precise recipient tagging capabilities.

Designed to support PHEP (Public Health Emergency Preparedness) capabilities including emergency operations coordination, emergency public information and warning, information sharing, and community preparedness, CORES HAN ensures the delivery of secure health alerts across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries when and where they are needed most.

CORES HAN Key Benefits

Rapid Multi-Channel Delivery

With customizable templates, channel-specific controls for staggered notification delivery, and dynamic tags and classifiers for precise regional, organizational, and group/role-based selection, CORES HAN makes it simple for public health officials and their healthcare partners to draft, send, receive, and log thousands of individual messages per hour via email, voice, text, fax, pager, WhatsApp, and a built-in solution inbox.

Delegated Organizational Administration

Administrative duties in CORES HAN are distributed through system-wide and organization-specific positions, with extensive controls for sending and receiving notifications, managing members, assigning permissions, cataloging documents, and running reports. The solution’s flexible organizational structure scales seamlessly to support large and complex regional implementations while maintaining the autonomy of local stakeholders.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

By documenting communications between organizations, administrators, groups, and individuals, CORES HAN maintains a comprehensive audit trail that details approvals, recipients, channels, and responses according to PHIN (Public Health Information Network) requirements to ensure accountability.

Version-Controlled Document Library

CORES HAN’s secure version-controlled document library ensures that plans, policies, procedures, templates, and reference materials—as well as previously sent alerts—are retained for ease of access and in a manner that substantiates compliance. Access permissions, version histories, check-in/check-out features, and automatic notifications triggered by file/folder changes empower accountability and facilitate effective information and digital asset management.

Highly Customizable Portal

Public health authorities can customize their CORES HAN portal—including the log-in/landing page, registration questions, terms of service, privacy policy, contact and FAQ pages, and URL—as well as internal assets such as contact lists and notification templates to stay in control of public-facing content, accommodate unique data-collection requirements, and ensure that the solution as a whole reflects their organizational perspectives and standards.

Automated and Dynamic Reporting

Using CORES HAN’s sophisticated yet intuitive reporting capabilities, public health authorities can analyze structured responses to published health alerts and create, export, and share notification success metrics such as deliverability, open, and response rates to provide insight into communication efficacy.

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