Health Alert Network – Powered by Juvare Exchange

High-volume mass notifications and alerts anytime, anywhere. Get notifications to intended audiences fast with this highly configurable health alert network.

Volunteer Registration and Credentialing

Compliance With Volunteer Standards

Share Urgent Information With Real-Time Alerts

mass notification dashboard

State-of-the-Art Mass Notification

Advanced 2-way notification sends thousands of messages per hour via phone, SMS, Fax and email. Message setup takes less than 90 seconds to complete and allows users to sign up for notifications. CORES HAN also supports IPAWS, the nation’s alert system, providing public safety officials with an effective way to warn the public regarding emergencies.

Secure and Flexible Communications

Complete closed-loop communications with audit trail. Track mass notifications, including recipients, devices contacted, responses selected, notification time, and more. Highly configurable and easy to customize log-in page, URL and other public-facing pages.