Europe Emergency Management

Emergency Management in Europe

Juvare crisis management and response solutions empower corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and governments to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands.

Prepare For The Unexpected

Juvare solutions empower organizations to build a proactive strategy for
effective incident management

Connect With A Common Operational Picture

Juvare solutions connect all stakeholders to the information they need most with dynamic dashboards, incident reports and mapping 

Respond With Confidence

Juvare solutions enable incident managers, first responders, and leadership to make the right decisions with confidence

Juvare Solutions

Emergency Management Technology – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Prepare for and respond to emergencies with the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested incident management technology in the industry.

WebEOCx scales for customers of any size, with bi-directional data sharing and common workflows which leads to greater collaboration among agencies, resulting in faster response and recovery, and more resilient communities.

Real-time Collaborative Incident Management Network

First-of-its-kind collaborative critical event management network connecting the public, private, and healthcare sectors in real time.

Juvare Exchange facilitates communication and collaboration across public, private and healthcare sectors, as well as geographical and jurisdictional borders, in a single real-time dashboard. 

Electronic Incident Command System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Plan for, respond to and recover from incidents with an out-of the-box framework for all-scale events with a robust toolkit for customization.

Launch critical communications instantly and keep stakeholders informed during an event. Notify individuals, teams and groups, gathering their availability and making informed deployment decisions. Deliver reliable tactical alerts and notifications via voice, text and email.

“Emergency preparedness knows no borders. We are excited to offer the European market the most advanced emergency management and situational awareness technology available to corporations, healthcare facilities, and academic institutions, as well as fire, law enforcement, and emergency management agencies.”

Bob Watson

CEO, Juvare

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