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Juvare Electric Utility Solutions

Intelligent Processes and Unmatched Flexibility for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities have complex crisis management, emergency response, and enterprise continuity requirements that involve intelligent processes, integrated data, mobility, and flexibility. WebEOC—Juvare’s industry-leading preparedness, response, and resilience solution—is designed to help energy-sector clients maintain situational awareness during severe disruptions while simultaneously delivering powerful workflows that streamline or automate daily operations.
Supporting restoration and emergency management operations that protect over $405 billion in assets and revenue annually in the United States.
Helping electric utility clients maintain continuous service delivery for more than 165 million customers in the United States alone.
Trusted by industry leaders for over 25 years to ensure operational integrity and coordinate decisive action when every moment counts.
Key Capabilities

Specialized Workflows for All Electric Operational Phases

With WebEOC’s data and process workflows—called WebEOC Boards—electric utilities can empower their staff to manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently and to respond promptly and more effectively during critical situations.
The WebEOC Requests, Inventory, and Deployments (RID) Board makes it easy to prioritize and track the allocation and statuses of key resources from their initial acquisition through subsequent mobilization, demobilization, reporting, and reimbursement phases.
WebEOC’s advanced mapping capabilities—including toggled layers, third-party integrations, configurable polygons for localized insights, and live feeds to support real-time map generation—give electric utility clients the ability to leverage geospatial data through industry-specialized workflows such as the Infrastructure Status Board.
Designed by your industry peers, WebEOC’s data and process workflows reflect industry insights and best practices to address the unique challenges faced by electric utility providers.
Using JX Collaborate—Juvare’s interorganizational messaging and file-sharing platform—electric utilities can communicate securely with external partners and industry peers throughout the Juvare Community to share best practices and facilitate coordinated mutual aid efforts for enhanced support.
The map-enabled Support Services Board is designed to help electric utilities manage response contractors and mutual aid crews during critical events, monitoring their locations in real time with GPS-based tracking capabilities while providing additional insights into equipment deployments, travel statuses, lodging arrangements, and more.


WebEOC Data and Process Workflows for Electric Utilities

Departmental Alignment from the Field to the C-Suite

WebEOC’s mobile-optimized workflows allow field teams to submit reports, make informed decisions, access vital updates, visualize data, and communicate with management in real time. WebEOC can be accessed on mobile devices through internet browsers as well as the WebEOC Mobile App. 
The WebEOC Incident Action Plans (IAP) Board makes it easy for electric utility clients who would like to align their internal processes with Incident Command System (ICS) best practices to organize and collect the ICS forms required to create an IAP.
In addition to dashboards contained within specific workflows, WebEOC also includes system-wide dashboard displays that synthesize information from different components of the platform and combine that information with data from external sources to create high-level overviews.
With WebEOC Alerts, users can automate notifications associated with specific workflows and send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts through channels including text/SMS, mobile push, voice, email, and a built-in solution inbox, as well as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other webhook application.
Juvare’s JX Connect family of rapid integration microservices facilitate the seamless flow of information between WebEOC and third-party data sources and separate internal systems, ensuring alignment from the field to the boardroom and beyond.
The WebEOC Project Management Board helps users create, prioritize, and execute anything from simple daily tasks to complex months-long projects. Multiple interactive views provide critical insight while also allowing you to drill down quickly for specific details or to make updates.


How a Large Electric Utility Streamlined Its Emergency Management Processes with WebEOC

Adaptability to Meet Unique Organizational Requirements

Flexible assignments and roles within the WebEOC platform allow for agile adaptation to changing organizational priorities, departmental structures, and individual responsibilities, ensuring that Juvare’s battle-tested software is always able to accommodate evolving operational needs.
WebEOC’s dynamic SaaS delivery model offers unmatched scalability to make sure that electric utilities are always able to accommodate the most demanding workloads while sustaining uninterrupted access during significant events. Juvare can provide additional capacity on demand during high-usage situations to support your needs.
Even brief service outages can have significant consequences, while prolonged disruptions can irreversibly damage an organization’s reputation. WebEOC ensures that clients have familiar workflows in place for resolving anticipated challenges as well as the ability to customize those workflows or create new ones as circumstances require, reducing downtime and minimizing financial impacts.
With workflows configured to support comprehensive safety metrics and protocols, WebEOC guarantees meticulous compliance tracking, emphasizing and safeguarding adherence to rigorous safety standards across an electric utility’s operations.
WebEOC’s finance tracking capabilities not only document expenditures but also provide insights into cost management and budgetary considerations to ensure alignment with company-wide financial objectives. The Support Services Board in particular makes it easy for electric utilities to record logistical expenses that relate to contractors and mutual aid crews.
Through Juvare’s streamlined implementation, onboarding, and training process, WebEOC delivers immediate value within existing organizational systems. In addition, WebEOC’s interactive realistic simulated exercises and performance assessment features help identify areas for improvement and ensure that response teams are always ready to use the platform to maximum effect.


A Canadian Nuclear Power Plant Uses WebEOC to Upgrade Situational Readiness

Juvare Solutions for Electric Utilities

Battle-Tested Data and Process Workflows

WebEOC Boards—the data and process workflows that form the foundation of Juvare’s WebEOC platform—allow users to plan, coordinate, and review emergency management initiatives and day-to-day activities as well as collect, analyze, and report on a wide variety of operational and critical incident data. The WebEOC solution package for electric utilities includes 20+ out-of-the-box Boards designed for maximum speed to value.

Targeted Multi-Channel Communications

With WebEOC Alerts, electric utility clients take can easily set up automated notifications associated with specific workflows and send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts through channels including text/SMS, mobile push, voice, email, a built-in solution inbox, and Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other webhook application.

Enterprise Resilience Solutions for Lasting Success

Building upon the best practices of the emergency management discipline, the WebEOC for Business Continuity Management (BCM) SaaS subscription delivers a set of versatile ready-to-use workflows, capabilities, and features covering Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Activity Calendars, Vendor Management, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Custom Workflow and Form Builder

In addition to 20+ ready-to-use critical workflows, each WebEOC subscription also includes access to DesignStudio, Juvare’s drag-and-drop custom workflow builder. To promote outreach and collaboration, the DesignStudio Pro expansion allows users to develop and publish forms, process submissions, and transfer data, images, and feedback from the public and both internal and external stakeholders directly to WebEOC.

Including JX Collaborate and JX Connect

Through its interface with JX Collaborate, WebEOC allows electric utilities to coordinate and share information with both public-sector and private-sector partners from across the Juvare Community. Electric utility clients can also leverage Standard and Custom JX Connectors—integrations powered by the robust microservice architecture of JX Connect—to centralize disparate third-party data sources within their WebEOC instance.

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