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Electronic Incident Command System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Plan for, respond to and recover from incidents with an out-of the-box incident command system for all-scale events with a robust toolkit for customization.

Streamlined Incident Management

Standardized Communication

Automated Workflows

incident file management screenshot

Streamline Communications and Workflows

Standardize horizontal and vertical communication and collaboration to readily support response efforts. eICS automates common workflows, such as form and report generation, including fully HSEEP-compliant After-Action-Reporting.

Notify and Deploy

Use the incident command system to launch critical communications instantly and keep stakeholders informed during an event. Notify individuals, teams and groups, gathering their availability and making informed deployment decisions. Deliver reliable tactical alerts and notifications via voice, text and email.

user notification management screenshot
incident command system map screenshot

Respond from the Field with eICS Mobile

Perform critical event-related tasks using the eICS robust incident command smartphone application, tailored specifically for response workflows. Initiate incidents and notifications, monitor candidates’ availability, assign positions, and document events, resource requests and tasks – all from your mobile device. Stay current and connected with colleagues, and share field reports and photos via the app. Download from the App Store or the Google Play store.

Access and Improve Incident Command Response Performance

Complete guided risk, business impact, and hazard vulnerability assessments, monitoring changes and outcomes over time. Develop plans tailored to risks and threats and incorporate project management workflows to facilitate and improve future performance based on previous outcomes.

incident command web integration screenshot
hospital incident command system

Manage Compliance and Accreditation

Enable leadership, product users and employees across any industry to effectively manage communications and documentation. Demonstrate to on-site surveyors the ability to properly manage standards and ensure compliance throughout the organization with the incident command system. eICS provides the evidence regulatory and accrediting agencies seek regarding compliance. 

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