Patient Tracking and Population Tracking Solution

Track patients, people, pets and populations throughout any kind of event.

Improved Critical Event Coordination

Faster Care Delivery

Minimized Patient Diversions

Patient Tracking Solutions

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Proven and Flexible Tracking

Over 3,500 facilities and 4,300 mobile providers rely on EMTrack. Capture data online, offline and via mobile across multiple organizations, for highly effective tracking of patients, evacuees and general population movement during a critical event, crisis, large scale public event or daily patient transports. EMTrack integrates easily with related technologies and operates optimally in austere environments in real time.


The Mass Testing & Vaccination Module is designed for use by public health and emergency management agencies at the state, region, county, or city level. The solution enables people to schedule COVID-19 tests and helps agencies operationalize mass immunization campaigns. EMTrack is regularly used for the flu and this module will help agencies responding to COVID-19 once a vaccine is available in the U.S. 

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