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Emergency (EM) • Track

Track patients, people, pets and populations throughout any kind of event

Improved Critical Event Coordination

Faster Care Delivery

Minimized Patient Diversions


More Than 40,000 Healthcare Facilities Rely on EMResource


Used in in hospitals, long-term care, dialysis services, pharmacies and clinics, including:

  • 22 of the 25 largest nonprofit health systems
  • 9 of the 10 largest for-profit health systems
  • 12 of the top 25 largest single U.S. hospitals
  • 3,000 acute care hospitals
  • 7,000 daily status updates

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Key Benefits

Proven and Flexible Tracking

Proven and Flexible Tracking

Over 3,500 facilities and 4,300 mobile providers rely on EMTrack. Capture data online, offline and via mobile across multiple organizations, for highly effective tracking of patients, evacuees and general population movement during a critical event, crisis, large scale public event or daily patient transports. EMTrack integrates easily with related technologies and operates optimally in austere environments in real time.


EMTrack Screenshot

Inbound Patient Coordination

Notify hospitals in advance to prepare for high-risk patients, saving time and lives, with the EMTrack Incoming Patient Notification. Hospitals can proactively alert appropriate staff, reserve treatment rooms and mobilize resources.
EMTrack Screenshot
EMTrack Screenshot

Patient Tracking and Triage

Use portable devices, including mobile phones, to rapidly scan-in patients on-scene and track through triage, treatment, transfer, and hospital reception. Notify EOC about the number and acuity of patients on-scene, dispatch about the number of patients in need of transport, and hospitals about patients dispatched to their facility.

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Additional Features

Large-Scale Event

Capture patient encounters at large-scale events, such as marathons, concerts and high-profile sporting events. 

Evacuations of All Kinds

Ensure real-time data capture throughout all aspects of an evacuation process, including transportation, sheltering, and temporary housing, with EMTrack web-based and mobile applications data collection options. 

Family Reunification

Use the EMTrack search and filter tools to rapidly identify patient and evacuee locations and support family reunification operations

Pandemic and Inoculation Tracking

With the ability to create scenario-specific configurations, healthcare professionals leverage EMTrack to register flu and COVID-19 vaccine and testing recipients and capture prescreening/screening responses, demographics, and review immunization history to support rapid processing.

Multi-Functional Tracking with High Scalability

Meet all patient tracking needs with Juvare’s EMTrack single-source solution that includes all tracking components such as a browser-based online data repository, mobile data capture software and offline and real-time data transmission.

Vaccination Module

Vaccination Management – Powered by EMTrack

The Mass Testing and Vaccination Module is designed for use by private healthcare providers, public health departments, and emergency management agencies at all levels of coordination and response. The solution enables patients to schedule rapid and virus antigen testing such as in the case of COVID-19, Monkeypox, and other diseases, and to help providers and agencies operationalize immunizations, from steady-state daily operations, to large-scale campaigns.

Supply and Demand

Efficiently Manage All
Stages of the Process

Analyze and Transmit Data
to Public Health Authorities


Create a Digital Front Door

Make it easy for large numbers of people to pre-register and optionally find and schedule appointments, all based on configurable eligibility criteria. Enable different workflow and registration requirements based on site, and vaccine or test type. Include automated email and text reminders to optimize schedule and improve compliance.

Configure Clinical Workflows

Leverage workflows that align with your operational model and the patient’s clinical experience through the vaccination or testing site, ensuring efficient screening and accurate data capture, including seamless retrieval of previously entered data, and automated scanning of driver’s licenses to populate demographic data. Use an off-the-shelf workflow or build your own to meet unique needs.

Lead with Data

Use tactical dashboards to measure on-the-ground operations, and analytics for deeper understanding and stakeholder reporting. Leverage HL7 integrations to query for vaccination history and automatically submit data to immunization registries or Public Health testing authorities conducting contact tracing.

Support Commercial Operations

Operationalize commercial testing and vaccination enterprises. From implementing secure registrations and gating criteria for closed events, to backend approval workflows on patient appointments, leverage a solution that supports the lifecycle of commercial vaccination and testing organizations by collecting insurance or other payment information, and facilitates healthcare billing exports as needed.

Prepare for Scale

Provide a technology that ensures millions of patients can easily be accommodated via automatic scaling and load balancing, or through digital waiting rooms, allowing scheduling to continue seamlessly and equitably, even in times of exceptional demand.

Benefits of the Mass Vaccination Module

  • Scalability

    Support population-level events.

  • Online Scheduling Portal

    Provide a friendly registration process for testing or vaccination.

  • Automated Patient Notification

    Send automated reminders and notifications.

  • VIP Registration Processes

    Prioritize sub-groups, such as essential medical workers, first responders, or senior citizens.

  • Automated Data Submission

    Transmit data to the state IIS via HL7 or batch uploads.

  • Efficient Patient Tracking Workflow

    Track patients at POD sites through different stages of the process.

  • Contactless On-Site Verification

    Use barcode and ID scanning to collect relevant data.

  • Simple and Intuitive Design

    Easier use by volunteers or employees.

  • Integration with COP tools.

    Connect with EMSupply, WebEOC, and EMResource for real-time data sharing and visualization

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