Ensuring Readiness for Our Nation's Armed Forces and Defense

Real-time customizable solutions for tactical and operational connectivity.

Prepare Nationally, Communicate Locally

WebEOC is the system of choice for the U.S. military and defense, and is used every day to prepare for the unexpected. Intuitive, role-based configuration and customization functionality enables secure communication between authorized stakeholders.

Tactical and Operational Connectivity​

Ensure connectivity between tactical and operational levels with tablet and laptop deployment at the incident site. Implementation by first responders ensures constantly updated information is available at all levels of COP. 

Critical Information Sharing​

Articulate the situation, incident or emergency clearly for the most effective sharing of critical information. Fully customizable WebEOC boards allow accurate information sharing based on local criteria as well as NIMS compliance


Checklist Progress Monitoring

Track progress effectively and efficiently for individual items as well as for entire checklists. All localized checklists and ICS compliant forms are available in fillable formats. 

Priorities List

Track all critical priorities and events as they unfold with a battle rhythm board, which also enables listing priorities for the current period as well as the next operations period.

Resource Management Visibility

Gain greater visibility of resource management for all necessary resources required and utilized during any situation or event. Completely customizable WebEOC Resource/Task/Information board enables tracking of all local requirements and provides FEMA typing and sourcing requirements. 

Incident Mapping

Use real time mapping (with a 3-second refresh rate) offered by Juvare Maps WebEOC add-on, which also provides local GeoBase layers for localized mapping solutions.

Additional Features

Real-Time DRF Status

Ensure an accurate and virtual COP for every mission. Activation boards for first responders, unit control centers, specialized teams, EOC and CAT members provide real-time DRF status of all available and activated resources. Gather data from any data source, at any time to ensure optimal situational awareness.

Interoperable Communications

Control who you want to see your incident with the WebEOC hosted service. You control the permission set and determine which mutual-aid partners have read-only, customizable read-write capability or full read-write capability.

One-Stop Info Access

Customize your “Incident Situation Screen” for “one-stop” access to all critical incident information, including: CAT/EOC directives, FPCON/INFOCON status, weather, initial incident information, active checklists, casualties, etc. 

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