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Juvare UCP

Federal Unified Command Platform

A Battle-Tested Workflow and Notification Solution Designed Exclusively for United States Federal Agencies and the Department of Defense

Workflows and Alerts

FedRAMP High Authorized

Unparalleled Flexibility

Federal UCP

Modernizing Digital Government Workflows for Improved Situational Awareness and Decision Making


Juvare Unified Command Platform™ (UCP) is a whole-of-government solution created exclusively for U.S. federal and defense agencies. Hosted on the Juvare Federal Cloud™ (JFC), which has been granted a FedRAMP® High impact level authorization, Juvare UCP combines unparalleled data and metadata security with the flexibility and scalability of an off-premises hosting architecture.


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Juvare UCP expands upon the same principles and expertise that have made Juvare’s WebEOC® platform the world’s most trusted emergency management and enterprise resilience solution for over two decades to meet the heightened security standards and unparalleled scale required by the U.S. government. With Juvare UCP, federal and defense agencies can maintain total situational awareness during times of activation, automate daily operations, aggregate data from disparate sources, collaborate with other government agencies, visualize information, model possible outcomes, and communicate critical updates and instructions to internal and external stakeholders through secure multi-channel notifications.

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Key UCP Benefits

Key benefits include configurable workflows for both routine and critical tasks, a low-code/no-code builder for custom workflows, and advanced mapping capabilities for real-time data visualization.

Users can plan, coordinate, and review initiatives, integrate third-party data, and send multi-channel notifications, all within a secure, intuitive interface. WebEOC enables effective collaboration and comprehensive situational awareness, driving improved decision-making and operational efficiency.

FedRAMP High Authorized Alerting

  • Automate notifications triggered from specific workflows.
  • Send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts.
  • Streamline contact management and communication procedures.

Juvare UCP Alerts™ allow federal and defense agencies to automate notifications triggered from specific workflows and send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts through channels including text/SMS, mobile push, voice, email, a built-in solution inbox, and third-party applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack using webhooks. As part of an authorized FedRAMP High solution, agency clients can rely on Juvare UCP Alerts to deliver communications in compliance with federal and defense confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards. With streamlined contact management and communication procedures, Juvare UCP Alerts ensure the rapid and secure delivery of notifications when and where they are needed most.

Multi-Agency Collaboration

  • Facilitate effective and secure peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Retain total control over what agency data is shared.
  • Chat with colleagues inside the solution in real time.

To maintain total situational awareness, federal and defense agencies need to be able to collaborate with other agencies at the national level, with government authorities at the state, tribal, and local levels, and with both non-profit and private-sector organizations including health systems, energy providers, and transportation companies. Through its built-in interface with Juvare Exchange®, Juvare UCP facilitates effective and secure peer-to-peer collaboration between federal and defense agencies in the Juvare Community™ while simultaneously ensuring that each individual agency retains total control over what data it chooses to share. Juvare Exchange also supports an in-solution chat feature that allows Juvare UCP system users to collaborate with their colleagues in real time.

Flexible Data and Process Workflows

  • Plan, coordinate, and review critical missions and routine tasks.
  • Collect, analyze, and report on operational and incident-specific data.
  • Create custom workflows to address localized use cases.

Juvare UCP Modules—the data and process workflows that form the foundation of Juvare UCP—allow agencies to plan, coordinate, and review critical missions and routine tasks as well as collect, analyze, and report on operational and incident-specific data from a single shared platform. The Juvare UCP subscription includes 20+ off-the-shelf Modules designed for immediate use. Federal and defense clients can modify these standard Modules as needed or rapidly create their own custom data and process workflows to address localized use cases in DesignStudio—Juvare’s low-code/no-code Module builder—which is also included in the Juvare UCP subscription. In addition, our Juvare Federal & Defense technical delivery team will work extensively with internal professionals to develop highly specialized or system-wide solutions in accordance with agency requirements.

Rapid Form Creation and Distribution

  • Develop and publish forms and process form submissions.
  • Transfer form input data to system workflows and dashboards.
  • Create and deploy new forms quickly and easily.

Federal and defense agencies must have the versatility to implement reliable, configurable, and easy-to-use data collection mechanisms in real time. Juvare’s DesignStudio Pro—a core component of the Juvare UCP subscription—allows system admins and users to develop and publish forms, process submissions, and transfer data, images, and feedback from the public as well as both internal and external stakeholders directly to Juvare UCP Modules and dashboards. In low-bandwidth conditions, forms can be cached within the browser so contributors can continue drafting and modifying reports until connectivity is restored. With DesignStudio Pro’s intuitive drag-and-drop controls and low-code/no-code editor, even the newest users can create and deploy their own forms in moments.

Powerful Mapping with ArcGIS

  • Create and view multiple overlapping maps.
  • Add location-specific annotations and custom icons.
  • Embed maps in solution workflows and dashboards.

Juvare UCP Maps—powered by Esri’s ArcGIS—offer federal and defense agencies a wide variety of customization options and advanced spatial visualization features, including toggled map layers, external data source integrations, custom icons, and live feeds to support real-time map generation. Users can also create and view multiple overlapping maps simultaneously, add location-specific annotations, print map displays showing geocoded points, view geospatial data directly from Juvare UCP Modules and dashboards, and measure any distance between two points or the size of any area.

Intuitive Dashboards for High-Level Visibility

  • Synthesize data into high-level overviews.
  • Share information with senior decision-makers.
  • Create custom dashboard displays in moments.

Juvare UCP’s system-wide dashboard displays synthesize data from specialized workflows and disparate sources into high-level overviews, making it easy to share information with senior decision-makers quickly and efficiently. With clear and insightful graphics as well as sophisticated predictive and analytical capabilities, Juvare UCP dashboards ensure that agency leaders are always kept up to speed with the latest intelligence. Decision-makers can access dashboards through their mobile devices and work key takeaways into live presentations, while program staff can focus on completing mission objectives instead of preparing slides or hard-copy briefs. Users and admins can also create their own system-wide or workflow-specific displays in moments with DesignStudio Pro’s drag-and-drop dashboard builder.

Configurable Data Integration

  • Automate the flow of information into and out of the solution.
  • Consolidate and standardize data from external sources.
  • Maintain data integrity and compliance with security protocols.

By seamlessly automating the flow of information into and out of Juvare UCP, our JX Connect™ family of rapid integration microservices consolidates and standardizes data from disparate external sources while simultaneously maintaining data integrity and adhering to the most stringent security protocols. Federal and defense clients can leverage our library of ready-to-use Standard JX Connectors or develop Custom JX Connectors with help from the Juvare Federal & Defense technical delivery team. By facilitating data-driven decisions through JX Connector, Juvare UCP promotes comprehensive situational awareness, increases stakeholder confidence, and improves the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of both daily operations and emergency management efforts.

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