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JX Connect

A rapid integration solution designed to break data silos, enable increased automation, and support a true common operating picture.

JX Connect

JX Connect™—a key component of the Juvare Exchange® solution suite—is a rapid integration system that automates the flow of data from disparate systems into and out of Juvare software platforms. By decreasing the barriers to integrate new data sets, JX Connect helps organizations break data silos, increase automation, and create a true common operating picture.

Key Benefits

Individual integrations facilitated by JX Connect—called JX Connectors—come in two variations. Standard JX Connectors are turnkey integrations that have already been defined and are currently included in the JX Connect integration library. Custom JX Connectors are integrations developed for specialized use cases with assistance from Juvare Professional Services.

Integration Monitoring

Modern and cloud-native, JX Connector offers enhanced integration monitoring as well as improved data accuracy and timeliness.

Speed to Integration

Standard JX Connectors can be rapidly deployed and configured to suit client systems.

Subscription Support

JX Connector reduces large upfront costs associated with custom development, replacing them with integrations that are continuously updated as a part of a subscription agreement.

Standard JX Connectors

Integration Monitoring



Rest API


Supported Data Formats




Integration Monitoring




JX Connectors

With JX Connector, Juvare is making data integrations straightforward and standardized. However, some systems truly are unique and special. Custom JX Connectors provide some of the same benefits as Standard JX Connectors such as accelerating creation and deployment of integrations, but require custom scoping and pricing.

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