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WebEOC for Retail

Juvare’s business continuity and enterprise resilience solutions help retailers minimize business disruptions, maximize efficiency, and ensure that their locations are the last to close and first to open.

Driving Operational Resilience for Retail Stores and Chains

To be fully prepared against increasingly severe business disruptors such as severe weather events, extended power outages, civil disturbances, cyber-attacks, IT failures, and criminal activities, retail chains and stores need to structure their overarching strategies so they can be implemented in a way that safeguards assets and inventory, optimizes resilience, and continues the execution of key priorities. Juvare’s WebEOC platform is designed to help retail stores and chains prepare for, respond to, and recover from any kind of critical incident, reducing the impact of operational disruptions, keeping employees and customers safe, and protecting brand reputation.

Business Continuity

Using ISO 22301 and ISO 31000 as frameworks, WebEOC provides an off-the-shelf solution which enables organizations to collaboratively complete business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessments (RA), create and store emergency plans for all hazards in a centralized location that is accessible by all stakeholders, and build mobile-friendly workflow that are easy to use, even for first-time users. Using WebEOC, organizations can ensure that emergency contacts and specific procedures for various scenarios are always up to date, ensuring that employees are prepared for the unexpected.

Comprehensive Situational Awareness

Retail chains need the ability to monitor location statuses and coordinate in real time with geographically dispersed offices, distribution centers, data centers, suppliers, and logistics, and even with external partners. WebEOC powers day-to-day readiness of enterprises with a comprehensive view of resource needs, including data sharing with external partners through Juvare Exchange and incorporation of asset tracking through IoT platforms using JX Connector. Integration with hazard intelligence providers such as WeatherOptics allow organizations to see all comprehensive data on a single pane of glass. 

Seamless Communication

Robust alerting capabilities are vital not only as an emergency management function but also as a facilitator of sustained business operations. WebEOC Alerts are built to support ad-hoc messages as well as routine notifications triggered from specific workflows through multiple channels. WebEOC’s contact management features and Active Directory integrations ensure that up-to-date contact information is readily available, and while its technology infrastructure delivers messages quickly and efficiently to internal and external contacts. By enabling enterprises to share the right information at the right time to the right people teams spanning HR, operations, and business continuity can work in concert to minimize disruption.

Powerful Mapping

WebEOC’s embedded mapping capabilities allow users to surface geospatial insights for improved crisis response and routine efficiency. By investing in a solution that easily visualizes physical contours and location-specific data inputs for improved situational awareness, retail chains and stores easily reconfigure their operations to overcome performance obstacles such as supply-chain breaks and temporary facility closures.

Intuitive Dashboards

With WebEOC’s system-wide and workflow-specific dashboards, end-users can rapidly inform corporate decision makers about the latest developments. The solution’s streamlined dashboard displays present a variety of facility status indicators and data visualization graphics through the convenience of a single pane of glass. WebEOC’s easy-to-understand dashboards also ensure that regional fulfillment associates can rapidly conceptualize complex patterns and relationships in alignment with business priorities.

Software Solutions

WebEOC’s data and process workflows—called WebEOC Boards—allow retailers to collect, analyze, and report on a wide variety of data from a single shared platform. The WebEOC SaaS subscription for retail stores and chains delivers 20+ off-the-shelf Boards ready for immediate implementation. Clients can modify these standard Boards as needed or develop their own Boards to address new use cases through Juvare’s low-code/no-code Juvare DesignStudio® workflow builder.

WebEOC for Business Continuity

The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Board is designed to help retailers plan and enact the processes required to keep critical functions operational when an emergency occurs. The Project Management Board assists users with day-to-day task execution, budget tracking, and time allocation, while the Facility Status Board offers both granular reports and high-level overviews regarding the operational conditions of individual retail locations. By helping retail stores and chains make data-driven decisions, WebEOC improves response quality, efficiency, and effectiveness while streamlining routine operations.

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