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Comprehensive Emergency Management and Daily Operations Software

Intuitive Data and Process Workflows

Battle-Tested Critical Incident Management


Robust Daily Operations Coordination

Configurable Workflows for Enterprise Continuity and Emergency Preparedness and Response

Government authorities, corporations, educational institutions, health systems, and nonprofit groups have complex emergency management, enterprise continuity, and situational awareness needs that require domain-relevant processes, integrated data, and flexibility. WebEOC. Juvare’s industry-leading SaaS solution, is designed to help agencies and organizations maintain a common operating picture during times of activation while simultaneously delivering powerful workflows that streamline or automate routine tasks.

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WebEOC Key Benefits

Flexible Data and Process Workflows

WebEOC Boards—the data and process workflows that form the foundation of WebEOC—allow users to plan, coordinate, and review emergency management initiatives and day-to-day activities as well as collect, analyze, and report on a wide variety of operational and critical incident data from a single shared platform. Each of Juvare’s industry-specific WebEOC Board Set subscriptions includes 20+ off-the-shelf Boards designed for both daily operations and emergency preparedness and response use cases. Clients can modify these standard Boards as needed or develop their own Boards to address new use cases over time.

Low-Code/No-Code Workflow Builder

In addition to 20+ ready-to-use Boards, each WebEOC subscription includes access to DesignStudio—an in-solution low-code/no-code Board builder—which can be used to develop custom data and process workflows. With DesignStudio’s intuitive drag-and-drop controls, even the newest users can create and deploy their own Boards in moments. To promote outreach and collaboration, the DesignStudio Pro expansion allows users to develop and publish forms, process submissions, and transfer data, images, and feedback from the public and both internal and external stakeholders directly to WebEOC.

Collaboration and Integration

Through its interface with JX Collaborate, WebEOC helps agencies and organizations in the Juvare Community break down geographic, jurisdictional, and communication barriers to drive effective peer-to-peer collaboration. In addition, clients can leverage Standard and Custom JX Connectors—integrations powered by the robust microservice architecture of JX Connect—to centralize disparate third-party data sources within their WebEOC instance. By facilitating data-driven decisions, WebEOC promotes comprehensive situational awareness, increases stakeholder confidence, and improves the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of both emergency management initiatives and daily operations.

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Targeted Multi-Channel Communications

WebEOC Alerts take the robust program management and situational awareness capabilities of WebEOC to the next level, allowing users to automate notifications associated with specific workflows and send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts through channels including text/SMS, mobile push, voice, email, a built-in solution inbox, and Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other webhook application. With a focus on enterprise continuity and operational resilience, WebEOC Alerts streamline communication procedures to ensure the rapid and secure delivery of notifications across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries when and where they are needed most.

Powerful Mapping Capabilities

WebEOC’s mapping capabilities provide users and administrators a wide variety of customization options and advanced spatial visualization features, including toggled map layers, external data source integrations, custom icons, live feeds to support real-time map generation, and more. Users can also create multiple maps, add annotations, print map displays showing geocoded points, view data from WebEOC Boards, and measure any distance between two points or the size of any area.

Configurable Homepages and Navigation

Administrators can enhance user experience by designing custom homepages that place high-priority WebEOC Boards, menus, and other shortcuts known as Quick Actions front and center. Each user position can be assigned its own unique homepage layout to ensure that team members are presented with the information most relevant to their roles from the moment they log in to the platform. The precise controls over homepage configuration maintain flexibility at the admin level while supporting end-user specialization. In addition, a new side menu offers direct access to landing pages that consolidate previously nested information about Boards, maps, dashboards, links, custom menus, alerts, contacts, and plug-ins.

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