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Modernized Volunteer Management for Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

User-Friendly Volunteer Management

Designed for
ESAR-VHP Compliance

Trusted by Over 30 States

Comprehensive Volunteer Management and Engagement

CORES RMS is a comprehensive volunteer management and engagement solution with built-in background check, credential verification, mission management, badging, and notification capabilities specifically designed to meet ESAR-VHP (Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals) requirements. Using CORES RMS, agencies and organizations can recruit, verify, and deploy qualified volunteers to assist before, during, and after an emergency.

CORES RMS offers efficient and user-friendly workflows that simplify the administration of routine tasks and encourage volunteer activation and engagement. The solution provides significantly enhanced features for reporting and analytics and enables the rapid setup of automated credential verification processes to develop, maintain, and expand pre-vetted volunteer capacity. Volunteers can be tasked to missions with minimal administrative overhead, and additional missions can be planned and executed as circumstances require.

CORES RMS Key Benefits

Expand Volunteer Reserves

  • Intuitive flow to encourage prospective volunteers to complete registration tasks.
  • Optimized desktop and mobile profile-building experience.
  • Automated reminders and notifications.

Accelerate Credential Verification

  • Easy integration with credential verification systems.
  • Multiple background check options.
  • Proactive monitoring of licensure board information streams.

Engage Existing Volunteers

  • Badges to recognize volunteer contributions.
  • Built-in features to highlight volunteer impact.
  • Community-building features for news and updates.

Deploy and Manage Missions

  • Simplified mission creation and management.
  • Matching of volunteer skills with community needs.
  • Intuitive volunteer hour tracking.

Streamline Reporting

  • Prebuilt reports to meet compliance and reimbursement requirements.
  • Customizable reports to surface insights.
  • Dashboards to track relevant KPIs.

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