Responder and Volunteer Management System – Powered by Juvare Exchange

Fast, secure volunteer information. Volunteer management, real-time alerts, and ESAR-VHP compliance.

Volunteer Management, Registration and Credentialing

Compliance With Volunteer Standards (ESAR-VHP)

Share Urgent Information With Real-Time Alerts

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Streamline Volunteer Coordination

Use our volunteer management system to enlist, register and credential professional healthcare volunteers, to support all aspects of response, from medical tasks, evaluations, vaccinations and distribution of medications to filling the occasional sandbag.

Automate Compliance with Volunteer Management Standards

Ensure medical and non-medical volunteers are appropriately qualified and trained to respond in a crisis with automated credentialing and background checks. Responders organize in compliance with the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).

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Mobile and Desktop Messaging

Ensure field personnel can communicate with their teams at any time. Natively integrated messaging offers optional advanced notification features that can be seamlessly integrated into the platform, including voice/SMS/text-to-speech calling, blast faxing, and CAP-XML integration. State-of-the-art, two-way notification can engage thousands of recipients per hour. A flexible smartphone app for iOS and Android™ integrates with the web-based platform. 

Integrated Mission and Accountability Management

CORES RMS is the only volunteer management system on the market today that manages responders from registration through deployment and demobilization. An optional API integrates with identification card readers in the field to track where and when a volunteer is deployed. Administrators and volunteers can share situational conditions, housing accommodations, reimbursable expenses, legal protections, check-in details, authorities and reference codes.

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Collective Experience and Best Practices

Juvare’s network of volunteer registries makes offer capabilities unmatched in the industry. We actively support the sharing of best practices among our clients—including those who have extraordinary experiences with using volunteers during disasters, such as in Texas, California, Louisiana, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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