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WebEOC for Business Continuity

Adaptable Enterprise Resilience Solutions for Lasting Success

WebEOC for Business Continuity

Explore the pinnacle of operational resilience with Juvare’s WebEOC for business continuity, designed to transform your effectiveness and exceed expectations.

Flexible Data and Process Workflows

WebEOC’s data and process workflows – called WebEOC Boards – allow clients to manage all phases of business continuity initiatives in a high adoption and ease of use solution. Building upon the best practices and international standards, WebEOC for Business Continuity delivers a set of versatile off-the-shelf workflows ready for immediate impact on operations.

Speed to Deliver

Leveraging experience and standards with a focus on simplicity of use and encouraging adoption, navigating business units and regulatory compliance is accomplished through the battle tested solution with preconfigured workflows that can be permissioned for efficiency. Individual users can quickly act on assessments, risk registers, vendor profiles, performance indicators, remediation and more.


Ranked as a leader by industry reviewers, WebEOC for Business Continuity provides all the necessary workflows for a successful program whether the program is new or established. WebEOC for Business Continuity provides the capability to assign workflows according to any business specific frameworks that will empower the program leads, leadership, as well as an intuitive experience for business unit stakeholders.

Configurable Third-Party Data Integrations

By seamlessly automating the flow of information into and out of the WebEOC platform, out JX Connector family of rapid integration microservices standardizes and consolidates data from disparate external sources to promote comprehensive real-time situational awareness. Clients can leverage our library of ready-to-use Standard JX Connectors or develop Custom JX Connectors with assistance from Juvare Professional Services.

WebEOC for Business Continuity

Why Agencies and Organizations Trust WebEOC for Business Continuity Management (BCM)

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