Public Health

Protecting Public Health

Juvare Public Health Solutions help keep communities safe, healthy, and informed.

Streamlining Public Health Preparedness and Response

Juvare Public Health Solutions streamline management of statewide resources, volunteers, alerts, patient movement, evacuations and healthcare assets. More than 4,000 public health departments and healthcare facilities trust Juvare to help facilitate emergency management operations and communication.

Contact Tracing and Case Management

Monitor individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 or are confirmed to have contracted the virus and are able to self-quarantine at home. The Juvare Contact Tracing and Case Management solution is built on our industry-leading WebEOC platform which provides scalability and offers the highest control around privacy standards.

young business woman working at desk with computer wearing a face mask

Disease Outbreaks

Communicate the risk of disease outbreak and monitor disease volume for an effective emergency response. In the case of a pandemic, epidemic or seasonal influenza, Juvare’s solutions help identify health threats, monitor patient surge, and distribute diagnosis algorithm, treatment protocols, and outbreak cluster information.

virus outbreak model