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Public Health

Juvare’s public health solutions help keep communities safe, healthy, and informed.

Facilitating Collaborative Public Health Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Juvare’s specialized software solutions are designed to help public health authorities, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders cultivate comprehensive situational awareness in real time, accelerate information sharing across organizational boundaries, support volunteer credentialing initiatives, coordinate emergency operations during critical incidents, respond to mass casualty events, and manage essential medical supplies and assets.

Public Health Situational Awareness

Comprehensive situational awareness during routine operations and critical incidents alike requires designated channels for sharing vital health-related information across jurisdictions and between independent provider organizations in real time. By facilitating the exchange of established capability and capacity metrics, EMResource—Juvare’s collaborative public health resource management and visualization solution—provides government agencies, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders the common operating picture they need to respond to emergencies with confidence and to direct patients towards the treatment facilities best equipped to handle them.

Secure Health Alerts

The crucial step between high-level situational awareness and actionable response initiatives is the accurate, timely, and targeted communication of pertinent health information. In order to respond quickly and effectively to health threats, public health authorities and healthcare providers must be able to create notifications at a moment’s notice, to issue those notifications to the appropriate audience, and to process any updates or inquiries sent to them in reply. By leveraging the easily configurable messaging hierarchies and industry-specific recipient tagging capabilities of CORES HAN, public health professionals can ensure the delivery of secure health alerts through voice, text, and email across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries.

Volunteer Credentialing

During severe incidents and large-scale medical emergencies, the skills and experience of qualified community members are essential to the success of public health response initiatives on the ground. Using Juvare’s CORES RMS registration and credentialing platform, government agencies and nonprofit organizations can assemble existing volunteers, expand volunteer reserves, accelerate verification processes, execute missions, and streamline post-deployment reports through efficient and user-friendly workflows that simplify the administration of routine tasks and encourage responder activation and engagement.

Emergency Operations Coordination

An effective response to a public health crisis requires extensive multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary coordination. Depending on the scale of the crisis, the emergency response may involve public health authorities and related government agencies at the federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels, in addition to support from nonprofit groups and private businesses. Juvare’s WebEOC preparedness and response solution facilitates interagency collaboration and streamlines joint mobilization initiatives through its easily scalable and customizable workflows, while our eICS incident management platform offers industry-specific processes designed for rapid implementation by individual public health authorities and healthcare providers.

Mass Casualty Response

Major health crises such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks have the potential to stretch or exceed the limits of a jurisdiction’s routine medical infrastructure. Juvare’s public health solutions have been developed to help communities endure the initial impacts of mass casualty incidents, activate medical surge operations, and coordinate the delivery of medical treatment and services to affected individuals. Juvare’s EMTrack solution offers a secure platform for entering and sharing information about patients in need of medical attention, while EMResource allows public health authorities and their partners to maintain situational awareness in real time through collaborative resource capability and facility capacity displays.

Supply and Asset Management

In order to address the adverse effects of a public health incident through coordinated prevention, mitigation, and treatment efforts, public health authorities and their partners must have systems in place for acquiring, storing, transporting, distributing, and tracking medical countermeasures and medical materiel. The WebEOC Requests, Inventory, and Deployments (RID) Board provides agencies and organizations the procurement, mobilization, and reporting workflows necessary for the effective management of critical supplies and assets—including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood products, medical devices, and personal protective equipment—before, during, and after public health emergencies.

Public Health Solutions

WebEOC’s data and process workflows—called WebEOC Boards—have been diligently preconfigured to allow public health authorities and multi-facility healthcare systems to streamline emergency management operations across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries. [Optional: WebEOC’s off-the-shelf low-code/no-code workflow builder, DesignStudio, can be used to develop custom Boards. Public health authorities and healthcare providers can collect data from stakeholder groups and members of the community through DesignStudio Pro forms. With WebEOC Alerts, agencies and organizations can ensure that targeted internal and external communications with the right information go out to all the right people at the right time.

CORES HAN (Health Alert Network) enables public health authorities to communicate effectively with healthcare providers, medical professionals, and other stakeholders in real time. As an industry-specialized yet highly configurable mass notification solution, CORES HAN helps users create, issue, and receive critical health alerts with precision at a moment’s notice.

CORES RMS (Responder Management System) is a comprehensive volunteer management solution with built-in background check, credential verification, mission management, badging, and notification capabilities specifically designed to meet ESAR-VHP requirements. Using CORES RMS, agencies and organizations can recruit, verify, and deploy qualified volunteers to assist before, during, and after an emergency.

eICS (electronic Incident Command System) is an emergency management and enterprise resilience platform with industry-specialized workflows and processes configured for rapid implementation by individual public health authorities and healthcare facilities.

EMResource is a data-driven resource management and visualization solution that facilitates practical, comprehensive, and collaborative situational awareness for public health authorities, healthcare organizations, and emergency responders. With EMResource, users can quickly view and assess critical resource-capability and facility-capacity metrics to promote operational clarity, streamline decision making, and ensure that patients receive the treatment they need.

EMTrack allows public health authorities and healthcare providers to monitor the movements and statuses of exiting patients during routine operations as well as community members impacted by large-scale emergencies such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks.

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