Public Health

Protecting Public Health

Juvare Solutions help keep communities safe, healthy and informed.

Community Involvement and Support

Juvare Public Health Solutions streamline management of statewide resources, volunteers, alerts, patient movement, evacuations and healthcare assets. More than 30,000 healthcare facilities trust Juvare to help facilitate emergency management operations and communication.

Public Health Solutions

Secure Health Alerts

Deliver mass alerts to all levels of public health and healthcare, sharing information in real time about urgent public health incidents, using Juvare’s Health Alert Network (HAN). Robust automatic notifications through voice, text and email messaging ensure messages reach intended recipients.  

Disease Outbreaks

Communicate the risk of disease outbreak and monitor disease volume for an effective emergency response. In the case of a pandemic, epidemic or seasonal influenza, Juvare’s solutions helps identify health threats, monitor patient surge, and distribute diagnosis algorithm, treatment protocols, and outbreak cluster information.

Opioid Crisis Management

Attack the nation’s opioid problem head on with Juvare Health Solutions’ HIPAA-compliant app-based technology, to monitor and track opioid impact on the healthcare delivery system and provide alerts for other drug-related activities. 

Volunteer Credentialing

Ensure medical and nonmedical volunteers are qualified and trained to respond in a crisis using Juvare’s CORES Responder Management System (RMS) registration and credentialing platform. Responders are organized in compliance with the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).

Blood Products Identification

Track any healthcare asset including blood products using Juvare’s EMResourceX, which helps monitor and query current blood supply status in both daily and response operations.

Vaccine Clinics

Electronically document pre-screening and screening questions, track vaccine administration, and capture lot number and dosage information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. Customize data collection to meet seasonal and regional needs, and current CDC guidelines.

Vector Control

Vector control is a cornerstone of many disease control programs, especially where there is no effective treatment or cure, as with West Nile Virus. Juvare Health Solutions support vector control and monitoring where it continues to be the only way to protect populations.