Juvare Exchange

Real-time Collaborative Incident Management Network

First-of-its-kind collaborative critical event management network connecting
the public, private, and healthcare sectors in real time.

Unprecedented Connectivity to Public, Private, & Healthcare Data

Real-time Access to
Resources and Information

Precise Decision Making When You Need It Most

juvare exchange and webeoc map screenshot

Break Down Barriers
to Prepare, Connect and Respond

Juvare Exchange facilitates communication and collaboration across public, private and healthcare sectors, as well as geographical and jurisdictional borders, in a single real-time dashboard. 

Powered by critical data sharing, Juvare Exchange provides a comprehensive resource hub and dynamic communication for proactive coordinated response, which is essential to effective critical event management. 

Prepare for the Unexpected

Juvare Exchange creates the most comprehensive, accurate and consistent operating picture possible with an enhanced dashboard, data visualization and mapping, aggregated third-party data and relevant analytics and insights. 

Juvare Exchange and EMResource map Screenshot
Juvare Exchange and eICS map screenshot

Connect with Shared Critical Data

Access and share critical data securely, selectively, and collectively via a customizable dashboard. Share information with the entire JUVARE COMMUNITY™ or with specific, selected participants.

Communicate one-on-one privately with any organization or individual.  

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Make more informed and precise decisions. A comprehensive resource hub creates greater awareness of available resources, accelerates mutual aid and allows automated requests. 

Publicize important data, resource availability, open/close retail status. Access mutual aid and use automated request to obtain needed supplies and resources more easily. 

Juvare Exchange Road Traffic Map Screenshot
Juvare Exchange Weather Map Screenshot

Protect People, Property, and Brands

Vastly improve critical event planning, response, and recovery capabilities with the unsurpassed connectivity and collaboration offered by Juvare Exchange.

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