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Juvare Exchange®

Real-time Collaborative Response Management Network
Breaks down geographical, jurisdictional, and communications barriers to connect public, private, and healthcare sectors in real time.

Enable a True Network
Response to Incidents

Create a Shared Common Operating Picture

Make Data-Driven Decisions
Every Time

Create Secure and Private Collaboration Networks

Juvare Exchange facilitates communication and collaboration across public, private, and healthcare sectors, as well as geographical and jurisdictional borders, in a single real-time dashboard. 

Powered by critical data sharing, Juvare Exchange provides a comprehensive resource hub and dynamic communication for proactive coordinated response. This is essential to effective critical event management and allows all stakeholders to make more informed and precise decisions.

Share Critical Data

Access and share critical data via a customizable dashboard to collaborate with other stakeholders in near real-time. Share information with the entire Juvare Community™, with specific partners, or one-on-one privately with any organization or individual.

Users can publicize important data, resource availability, and open/close retail status. A comprehensive resource hub creates greater awareness of available resources, accelerates mutual aid, and allows automated requests.

Standardize Partners’ Data and Definitions

The Aggregation and Mapping module allows for seamless collection and transfer of data from one source to another. This critical capability mitigates problems associated with lack of standard metadata and definitions within an organization and across a network.

With this module, a network participant can source data from different datasets, standardize the data, and map those datasets to allow for optimal transfer of data across a network — giving users maximum value out of their network’s data.

Quickly Consume Data through Reporting and Dashboards

Juvare Exchange’s Visualization and Reporting layer offers a clear view into your network’s data through common, shared dashboards that consolidate and visualize internal, network, and third-party data. Near real-time data and analytics can be shown in variety of ways such as indicators or event log updates and can be filtered based on the geospatial information on the map. This allows decision makers to have a more comprehensive situational awareness, leading to better decisions and incident management.

Access Critical Third-Party Data

Juvare Exchange offers an extensive 3rd party layer where external data from RSS or API feeds, such as National Weather Service, traffic, and retail data, can be ingested, aggregated, mapped, and visualized along with internal and network data. This allows users to supplement their own data with high-quality, validated 3rd party information that can be used to make more informed decisions.

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