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Juvare Oil and Gas Solutions

Maintaining Operational Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies have complex crisis management, emergency response, and enterprise continuity requirements that involve intelligent processes, integrated data, mobility, and flexibility. WebEOC—Juvare’s industry-leading preparedness, response, and resilience solution—is designed to help energy-sector clients maintain situational awareness during severe disruptions while simultaneously delivering powerful workflows that streamline or automate daily operations.
Key Capabilities

Enterprise Resilience

Even brief disruptions can have significant long-term impacts for companies and communities alike. With WebEOC, oil and gas clients have the preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities they need to safeguard business-critical functions, promote resilient operations, and provide a structured approach to handling crises and disruptions.
Detailed response plans to ensure that teams are prepared to resolve potential disruptions, minimize impacts, and accelerate a return to normal operations.
Dashboards and workflows designed to monitor response efforts, manage activities, conduct after-action reviews, and identify mitigation and accountability strategies going forward.
Optimized personnel assignments and resource allocations to help oil and gas companies prioritize tasks and activities, ensuring that response efforts can be scaled up or down effectively based on the severity of the crisis.

Workflow Automation

Automated data and process workflows to promote coordinated response efforts, minimize the risk of errors during high stress situations, and reduce manual tasks, allowing teams to focus on critical and high-priority activities.
Customizable workflows for seamless alignment across multiple departments to improve collaboration and accommodate unique operational requirements.
Alert and workflow triggers to activate critical response protocols in real time when predetermined thresholds are met.

Data and Mapping

Intelligent data analytics for detailed reporting and quantifiable insights both retrospectively and in real time along with robust cost-tracking features to ensure the accuracy of financial records and expedite planning and processing.
Off-the-shelf and custom-built integrations with third-party data sources to support a true common operating picture.
Map-enabled workflows for situational awareness and geospatial data visualization.


Wood UK Ltd. Uses WebEOC to Increase Efficiency and Improve Workflows

Disaster Response

WebEOC equips oil and gas companies with advanced workflows that can be easily configured to address a wide variety of critical events such as oil spills, well blowouts, equipment failures, pipeline leaks, or safety hazards.
Real-time incident reporting and centralized dashboards for tracking response efforts and monitoring progress.
Integrated communication channels to ensure quick and informed decision making.
Dynamic resource allocation capabilities for swiftly deploying response teams and equipment to incident sites.

Training and Exercises

Interactive training modules focused on responding to and recovering from oil and gas emergencies.
Realistic simulated exercises replicating scenarios such as refinery fires or offshore platform incidents.
Performance assessments to evaluate team readiness and identify areas for improvement.

Communication and Collaboration

Mobile-optimized workflows that allow field teams to submit reports and access vital information in real time.
Effective internal coordination between field operators, response personnel, and management.
Secure communication and effortless collaboration with government agencies and other external stakeholders.


Large Oil and Gas Company Leverages WebEOC for Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with safety and environmental regulations is vital to the long-term success of companies in the oil and gas sector. WebEOC helps clients manage complex industry requirements, maintain established standards, and minimize avoidable risk.
Dedicated workflows for managing and monitoring compliance with industry-specific protocols.
Automated compliance checks to ensure adherence to safety and environmental regulations.
Reporting and documentation capabilities to demonstrate compliance during audits or inspections.

Reputation Protection

Access to renowned incident and crisis management solutions trusted by Fortune 1000 companies.
Over two decades of experience protecting brand integrity during emergencies and critical situations.
Proactive interorganizational collaboration to demonstrate commitment to stakeholders and communities.

Physical Safety and Security

Workflow integrations with Internet of Things (IoT) devices to monitor physical assets and send automatic updates to key stakeholders.
Intuitive dashboards and maps for tracking personnel and equipment deployments and statuses in real time.
Robust safety and security measures to keep response teams and crews stationed on site or in transport out of harm’s way.

Juvare Solutions for Oil and Gas

Battle-Tested Data and Process Workflows

WebEOC Boards—the data and process workflows that form the foundation of Juvare’s WebEOC platform—allow users to plan, coordinate, and review emergency management initiatives and day-to-day activities as well as collect, analyze, and report on a wide variety of operational and critical incident data. The WebEOC solution package for oil and gas companies includes 20+ out-of-the-box Boards designed for maximum speed to value.

Targeted Multi-Channel Communications

With WebEOC Alerts, oil and gas clients take can easily set up automated notifications associated with specific workflows and send ad-hoc messages to internal and external contacts through channels including text/SMS, mobile push, voice, email, a built-in solution inbox, and Microsoft Teams, Slack, or any other webhook application.

Enterprise Resilience Solutions for Lasting Success

Building upon the best practices of the emergency management discipline, the WebEOC for Business Continuity Management (BCM) SaaS subscription delivers a set of versatile ready-to-use workflows, capabilities, and features covering Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Activity Calendars, Vendor Management, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Custom Workflow and Form Builder

In addition to 20+ ready-to-use critical workflows, each WebEOC subscription also includes access to DesignStudio, Juvare’s drag-and-drop custom workflow builder. To promote outreach and collaboration, the DesignStudio Pro expansion allows users to develop and publish forms, process submissions, and transfer data, images, and feedback from the public and both internal and external stakeholders directly to WebEOC.

Including JX Collaborate and JX Connect

Through its interface with JX Collaborate, WebEOC allows oil and gas companies to coordinate and share information with both public-sector and private-sector partners from across the Juvare Community. Oil and gas clients can also leverage Standard and Custom JX Connectors—integrations powered by the robust microservice architecture of JX Connect—to centralize disparate third-party data sources within their WebEOC instance.

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