Protecting Vital Transportation Networks

Keep People and Property Moving Safely

Transportation Disruption Can Have a Major Impact. Be Prepared.

Planes, trains, and automobiles. They keep us and our property moving from place to place, typically without fail. Protect your bottom line while keeping passengers and employees safe and informed about road closures, evacuation routes, work orders, traffic conditions, and more. Juvare takes your legacy systems and processes and brings them into our resilient network, streamlining communications and providing efficient collaboration.

Transportation Solutions

Supporting DOT

Recognizing the increasing risk and challenges Departments of Transportation (DOT) face on all levels, Juvare’s web-based, scalable and highly configurable solutions support agencies across all types of transportation modes. Data silos are no longer a problem as our integrations drive higher awareness and efficiency. 

Fleet Management

Proactive preparation is key to fleet management. Juvare’s FleeteyesX offers a complete set of tools for fast and efficient vehicle management, seamlessly integrating with CAD systems, including Garmin navigators and AVL-capable modems. Mobile applications allow access to fleets anytime, anywhere. WebEOCx helps with managing incidents that may adversely affect fleets. Connect to existing AVL solutions for a complete common operational picture.

Port Authority Protection

Juvare supports Port Authorities in maintaining and protecting critical trade assets and routes. Alert people about severe weather, terrorism, road closures, power outages, accidents and more with Juvare solutions. Integrate your emergency management system with ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management System) and sensor systems. Using Juvare solutions for facilities management every day keeps your entire team highly tuned and responsive for when the unexpected happens.

Unmanned Systems Tracking

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), along with other unmanned vehicles, present new safety challenges. Analysts predict $91 billion will be invested in UAS worldwide over the next decade to address current threats, vulnerabilities and reported backlog recommendations. Juvare is working side-by-side with transportation, UAS and emergency response professionals to address the changes in infrastructure necessary to ensure our safety.

Reduced Business Costs

Juvare solutions reduce the costs of doing business by consolidating work and reducing duplication of efforts. Juvare designs and develops collaborative operations systems that capture chaos and reshapes and redirects it to make your work more productive.