Federal Agencies

Enhancing Incident Communication and Response for Federal Agencies

Plan for and manage response to all incidents and hazards, as well as day-to-day operations.

Many U.S. Federal Agencies Use WebEOC Every Day

From active shooter situations to Category 5 hurricanes, Juvare supports federal emergency preparedness, response and recovery and is in use 24/7 to keep federal government agencies running smoothly in any event. Over 50 federal agencies and more than 500 emergency management agencies rely on Juvare every day to keep their employees, local businesses and communities safe.

All-Hazards Approach

Common Operating Picture

Get the most impactful and reliable COP with Juvare Federal Government Solutions via the integration of field data, command center info, state/local data streams, private business situations, mapping, weather, social and more. Juvare WebEOC helps assess conditions during and following a disaster so personnel can conduct timely assessments on people and property and communicate protective action recommendations.

Record of Truth

Comply with all federal scrutiny with Juvare Federal Government Solutions, including WebEOC, in order to protect the health and safety of emergency responders and the public. WebEOC acts as the system of record by allowing users to collaborate and track critical information in both form-based and mapping formats, as well as by easily integrating with external systems.

Platform Flexibility

Receive unparalleled flexibility, scalability and configurability for any event size or level of complexity. WebEOC offers a wide array of uses, including tracking suspicious packages, monitoring shipments, viewing inventory and tracking status, and much more.

Biological Threats

Get the right solution to save lives. WebEOC is the frontline of defense when it comes to securing the nation against biological threats. A biological attack could escape immediate detection, so the ability to track patterns of illness is critical. Armed early with the right information, Federal Agencies can send alerts quickly, helping to prevent mass confusion and panic.

State/Local Government Support

WebEOC facilitates federal government regulations regarding government aid for coordinated response and recovery in surrounding counties during a disaster. WebEOC has helped federal agencies work with state governments, during hurricanes and other natural disasters, helping provide event coordination between agencies in a safe, efficient and productive way.

Opioids Tracking

Track opioid prescriptions or view individuals who buy opioids without a prescription and extrapolate the data on a WebEOC heat map to see use and patterns of distribution and overuse. Juvare’s Opioid Crisis Command solution includes WebEOC and EMResource working together to provide vital reporting and tracking for this public health crisis.

Evacuations Communication and Coordination

Connect the State Department with other agencies, such as Homeland Security, FBI, Defense, airlines, hospitals, in the event of a facility evacuation or other incident. Alerts to staff can be sent in real time through voice and text. Government leadership can review after-action reports and make corrective actions to increase resiliency in future events.

Family Reunification

Reunite families with Juvare’s EMTrack, which tracks both parents and children. Juvare supports agencies by identifying child location and verifying the parent/child relationship, letting family members know the location of their children and enabling communication, assisting Juvenile Coordinators at Field Offices in managing cases throughout immigration and court proceedings, finding missing persons, and more.

Scalable Deployments

Manage day-to-day operations and response and recovery for minor disruptions. Scale for population-dense planned events. WebEOC is highly scalable for any size, type or complexity of situation, natural or man-made.

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