Protecting Corporations From the Unexpected

Juvare helps keep your corporation safe: protecting employees, customers, property and brands.

Keep People, Property and Brand Equity Safe

Technology outages, cyber threats, workplace violence and other events can adversely impact any corporation. Reducing risk or mitigating disruptions or disasters is critical to ensuring safety and company resilience. Juvare solutions for corporations automate crisis management, enabling continuity of operations at all times.

Comprehensive Oversight

Improve emergency preparedness and response across multiple locations. Monitor facility status and collaborate in real time with geographically dispersed offices, retail stores or warehouses. Ensure day-to-day readiness of your entire corporate enterprise with a comprehensive view of resource needs.

Daily Process Support

Businesses using Juvare solutions every day find transitioning from daily use to crisis management is much easier and faster. Incident command systems are not only useful in the case of natural disasters, but also for planning and response for internal emergencies including utility failure, computer system downtime or workplace violence.

Mass Notification

Mitigate risk with open, quick communication to keep employees and external constituents informed. Use Juvare’s seamless alerting to proactively forewarn employees, alert business partners and inform government agencies when incidents occur.