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DesignStudio Pro

 create, manage, and deploy forms, while seamlessly integrating with WebEOC boards

DesignStudio Pro

Today’s world demands quick, smart decisions, especially when the stakes are high. That’s where DesignStudio Pro steps in. It’s a no-code powerhouse that lets you easily create and manage forms, making data collection a breeze. Plus, it syncs seamlessly with WebEOC boards for real-time data crunching and crisis management. Dive into this overview to see how DesignStudio Pro can transform your organization into a data-driven dynamo, ready to tackle any challenge.

WYSIWYG Form Designer

Create forms visually without any coding knowledge using our What-YouSee-Is-What-You-Get editor.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Simplify form creation with intuitive drag-and-drop controls that let you add, arrange, and customize components effortlessly.

Mobile Optimization

Ensure forms are easily accessible on all devices, enhancing the user experience and increasing response rates.

Advanced Form Components

Incorporate various data fields, including conditional logic, to make forms dynamic and responsive based on user input.

Immediate WebEOC Integration

Connect forms directly to WebEOC boards for instant updates and data synchronization.

Scalable Deployment

Capable of handling high-volume data intake during peak usage times without compromising performance.

Streamlined Data Collection

Collect accurate and timely data from various sources directly into your operational systems, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Enhanced Responsiveness

Trigger immediate actions and alerts from form submissions to rapidly respond to evolving situations.

Reduced Operational Strain

By integrating directly with WebEOC and other management systems, DesignStudio Pro minimizes the need for additional third-party tools and platforms.

Customization and Branding

Easily brand forms to align with your organization’s visual identity, creating a cohesive user experience.

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the expenses associated with multiple data collection platforms and reduce the time spent on data management.

Having a tool that makes gathering and managing data as easy as pie—no tech skills needed. That’s what DesignStudio Pro does. You can create forms quickly, stick them on your website, or send them out via email or text. It keeps your data clean and up-to-date in real time, so you always have the info you need right when you need it.

DesignStudio Pro fills a big gap in the market by offering a simple, integrated solution for data collection and management. Unlike the old, complicated tools, our platform is straightforward and efficient, already boosting the operations of many sectors like government, healthcare, and emergency management.

This tool is perfect for leaders who need a reliable, scalable way to handle data during both everyday tasks and critical situations. It’s a game-changer for public safety, healthcare, and government, where getting the right data quickly is crucial.

With DesignStudio Pro, you’re in control of your data collection processes with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use tool that works perfectly with your existing systems. Choosing DesignStudio Pro means you’re not just getting a product, but a full-on solution that will ramp up your efficiency, data accuracy, and overall responsiveness.

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