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Get Better Prepared with Juvare’s New Board Sets for WebEOC 9

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A leader in critical incident management for over two decades, Juvare has provided emergency management software to various industries and organizations on the front lines. In doing so, we’ve dedicated ourselves to strengthening and optimizing information sharing to help better protect people, property, and brands. Juvare’s three core values are Client Focused, to maximize positive client impact; Courageous, to be bold, speak up, and take action; and Curious, embracing the art of the possible.

In our latest webinar, “WebEOC 9 Board Set for State and Local Agencies,” you’ll learn more about the modernized version of our premiere emergency management software solution and see a demo of the software in use. The webinar features Juvare’s Brad Pond, VP of Business Development, and Matt Cronin, Director, Solution Architecture.

Why Juvare?

Juvare solutions are used by multidimensional organizations across the United States, including 3,500+ U.S. hospitals, 42 state public health agencies, more than 50 federal departments and agencies, most of the largest non-profit U.S. health systems, and hundreds of corporations and private sector organizations. These include aviation, education, energy and utilities, healthcare, transportation, and many more.

As Pond explains in the webinar, Juvare’s incident management platform is highly reliable and configurable, and built for every skill level. The rollout of the updated WebEOC 9 boasts compliance with ever-changing security standards, mobile readiness on both iOS and Android, and various hosting options (cloud/local/hybrid).

Cronin summarizes the many reasons why organizations choose to utilize Juvare’s crisis management solutions. These include the low code/no code form building, 24x7x365 technical support, and comprehensive APIs, including REST and SOAP. Our solutions integrate with partners such as NOAA and IPAWS and host breakthrough capabilities for connecting, collaborating, and sharing information with partners.

The first-of-its-kind Juvare Exchange critical incident management network empowers WebEOC 9 to connect the public, private, and health care sectors in real-time.

We Understand Mobile

For any software solution to be successful in 2021, it must offer a mobile option that’s just as good as what you see on the desktop. We understand this, and it’s why our solution lets mobile users stay on top of critical notifications about incidents, statuses, and resources 24/7. Our system also makes it possible for those on the ground to easily view and capture data while on the go.

Information entered into our apps is immediately available to everyone to keep users connected to the command or emergency operations center.

WebEOC 9

The latest WebEOC version is the biggest release in years. It shows again why our incident management solutions remain cutting edge and an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes across the U.S wanting to centralize and standardize their emergency operations. The release features a redesign of the standard emergency management workflows included with WebEOC for state and local EM clients. In the coming months, other markets will see similar new and updated workflows come online, including updated COTS board sets for a variety of industries.

Though this webinar focuses on WebEOC board changes, WebEOC 9 comprises several other innovative enhancements. The first is an all-new alerts plug-in that delivers messages across various modes, including email, SMS text, voice, push notifications, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

There’s also Board Building with DesignStudio, a state-of-the-art solution that uses a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor with drag and drop functionality to create modern boards and forms with no technical skills required. We’ll discuss those features in future webinars, but you can request a demo now to get a personalized look at them with one of our solutions experts.


In the WebEOC 9 release, the boards feature a modern look with an enhanced UI/UX. Everything is now 100% mobile responsive, which means critical metrics and workflows are now available across nearly any device with an internet browser. We have also listened to our existing customers and improved existing workflows, added new ones, and developed a series of new dashboards.

In the webinar, Cronin summarizes the new state and local EM status board solution set and then demos some of the most popular workflows. The collection now includes the following workflows: after action review, checklists, contacts, damage assessment, distribution sites, event reporting, facility status, file library, incident creator, incident documentation, request tasks, road closures, schedule, shelters, sign in/out, and situation report.

As he explains, WebEOC 9 introduces three new boards, including incident documentation, facility status, and distribution sites. Each has been designed to address operational challenges and work across multiple platforms. Of the updated boards, Cronin mentions each has been updated to incorporate best practices from Juvare’s unparalleled experience implementing hundreds of clients.

As noted, these boards make it possible to train your team and execute tasks quickly and effectively. The incident creator was designed so end-users can begin logging details in just a few seconds with no waste of time.

The facility status and distribution site boards let you capture real-time information on critical facilities inside your network. For example, you can easily add logistical locations, hours worked, receipts, and more.

Meanwhile, the improved sign in/out and scheduling boards make it possible to track meetings, conference calls, and other events, so folks will know what’s happening organization-wide. The combination also makes it possible to know who’s working in real-time.


Throughout the webinar, you’ll see various demos on updated and completely new WebEOC workflows, including incidents, activity log, event reporting, working situation, facility status, scheduling, and others. Cronin offers highly detailed demonstrations and ends the webinar by answering questions from the audience.

It’s All Here

At Juvare, we’re on a mission to strengthen and optimize information sharing and visualization, and empower preparedness and response professionals to protect people, property, and brands. WebEOC 9 is one of the many powerful tools designed around this mission statement to elevate the capabilities of businesses and organizations.

To learn more about WebEOC 9 and how you can join us or update your current system, watch the full webinar.

Written by

Akshay Birla

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