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Emergency Response resilliency

California City Boosts Resilience by Upgrading to WebEOC

The city of Ontario, California, a rising logistics and warehouse hub, wanted to strengthen its emergency response capability. After upgrading to Juvare’s WebEOC emergency management system, the city discovered that the platform’s ease of use resulted in swift adoption by emergency response personnel, enabling access to the platform’s numerous workflow and operational benefits.

WebEOC easily met the goals established for the upgrade project, won the trust of the people who will be using it, made those users more confident in their ability to respond to disasters, and strengthened the city’s emergency response capability. These outcomes have resulted in greater organization in the EOC, expanding situational awareness and promoting better decision making.

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About Juvare

Juvare is a world-wide leader in developing emergency preparedness and response solutions. Juvare has supported thousands of emergency response incidents worldwide and connects more than 95% of the U.S. population through its emergency preparedness and response technologies.

Whether it is preparation, response, or recovery, Juvare solutions empower all stakeholders to work more efficiently and effectively to protect people, property and brands. Juvare solutions support planning, logistics, maintenance and diagnostics, training, and management, as well as coordination of tactical activities on site during and after a critical incident.

Juvare has supported over 500,000 emergency response incidents to date and continues to support thousands of planned and unplanned critical incidents every year. 

eoc emergency operations center with webeoc screenshots on monitors