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Who is WebEOC For?

WebEOC is designed for any institution that wants to elevate their emergency management or business continuity program. Whether you’re an airport, an airline, an emergency management organization, a small business, or a federal government, agency. WebEOC can help you improve, operationalize, and make the most of your emergency management, business continuity, and continuity of operations programs. So these are the things that have made WebEOC the tool that it is today. The fact that it’s a single solution that can do all of this, the fact that it’s so configurable has allowed us to meet, needs of thousands of organizations across the globe. The ability to make these processes as efficient as possible and optimize these different workflows, That’s why WebEOC is chosen by all the different federal departments and agencies, all the different states, all the different stakeholders at the you know, in corporate and commercial settings that, use WebEOC for their emergency management and business continuity programs. WebEOC is the single solution that they can turn to to meet emergency management planning, response, and recovery objectives for holistic emergency management and business continuity programs.

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