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WebEOC Nexus

The Next Generation of Juvare’s Battle-Tested
Critical Workflow Solution

The Latest in Preparedness, Response, and Resilience Technology

WebEOC Nexus—the next generation of Juvare’s WebEOC preparedness and response solution—is a cloud-based platform designed to help agencies and organizations maintain a common operating picture during critical events while simultaneously delivering powerful data and process workflows that can be used to expedite or automate routine tasks.
Offering a streamlined user interface, a wide range of performance enhancements, and a seamless yet highly secure single sign-on (SSO) configuration through Juvare Login Services (JLS), WebEOC Nexus combines WebEOC’s industry-leading emergency management and enterprise resilience workflows with the flexibility and scalability of a cloud hosting architecture.

Think you know WebEOC? Check out WebEOC Nexus!

The same robust workflows with greater flexibility.
Refined user experience for faster adoption.
Reduced overhead, licensing, and hardware costs.
Faster deployment, launch, and onboarding times.
Immediate access to newly released features and feature updates.
No in-person scheduling, staffing, or maintenance issues.
Best-in-class security, privacy, reliability, and compliance.

Introducing WebEOC Nexus—the Next Generation of WebEOC!

What's new in WebEOC Nexus?

Configurable Homepages

Each position has unique responsibilities and information requirements. Now it can have its own homepage too.
WebEOC Nexus focuses workflows and optimizes user orientation by allowing system administrators to design custom homepages that place a selection of high-priority WebEOC Boards, menus, and other shortcuts known as Quick Actions front and center.
Each user position can be assigned its own unique homepage layout to ensure that team members are presented with the information most relevant to their roles from the moment they log in to the platform.
Precise controls over homepage configuration maintain flexibility at the admin level while supporting extensive end-user specialization and faster adoption.

Streamlined Navigation

Critical situations demand immediate action. Spend less time looking for what you need and more time doing it.
WebEOC Nexus introduces an extensively redesigned user interface that more clearly displays how the platform is structured.
The new Main Menu at the left of the screen makes it easy to navigate between the position-based homepage and summary landing pages for WebEOC Boards, maps, system dashboards, links, menus, alerts, contacts, and plug-ins. 
The menu landing page shown here offers a space for admins to consolidate select features in a way that aligns with their organization’s unique standards and internal processes.
Results include reduced initial onboarding times, accelerated high-level training opportunities, and increased familiarity with the solution to encourage day-to-day use and solidify long-term value.

Enhanced Mapping Capabilities

Reinforce workflows with geographic data to leverage when, what, and how through the context of where.
WebEOC Nexus offers a wide variety of advanced spatial visualization features and customization options that include toggled map layers, new base maps, integrations with external data sources, custom icons, configurable polygons for region-bound status insights, live feeds to support real-time map generation, and more.
Users can also add annotations, print map displays showing geocoded points, view and manage data from WebEOC Boards, track asset locations, navigate around 3D cityscapes and landscapes, and measure the distance between any two points or the size of any area.