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The 5th Annual Juvare Community™ Award Winners Are In!

Juvare® is pleased to announce winners of the 5th Annual Juvarees – awards for members of the Juvare Community™ which recognize organizations and individuals who demonstrate the best of the emergency management discipline. These awards are selected as a part of a competitive process.  

“As the industry leader in incident management and response software, we have a unique view of the process and program innovations that agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations are undertaking to make our communities more resilient,” said Sam Klietz, Chief Client Officer at Juvare. “We take great pride in our partnership with such organizations and look forward to recognizing the best each year.”  

The award winners for this year are as follows:  

Exceptional Response Award 

Recognizes a client response to a crisis or incident that leveraged Juvare solutions and was also recognized externally as a high profile or otherwise difficult response to manage 

  • TJ McDonald – City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management 
  • The Ochsner Health System  
  • Keith Bevan – United Fire Authority/Salt Lake County Emergency Management 
  • Roxene Murphy – Western Australia Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) 

Best Client-Led Users Group 

This award recognizes how the sharing of knowledge and information about Juvare solutions helps users around the world prepare and respond to emergencies more effectively. 

  • Mike Shaw and Colby Maxwell – Florida Emergency Preparedness Association WebEOC Working Group 
  • South Australia: Police, State Emergency Services, Health & Local Government Association   

Best Daily Usage of a Juvare Solution 

Daily use cases broaden the perspective of our solutions, challenge the status quo and push our community to more efficiently respond to any sort of request, critical incident, emergency, or disaster. To honor that pioneering spirit, we present the Best Daily Usage award.   

  • Dr. Brad Kaufman and Chief Ian Swords – FDNY 
  • Sara Pulford – South Australian State Emergency Service  

Helping Hand 

Honors a person or group of people who have been helpful to the Juvare Community, going beyond the call of duty and exemplifying informal coordination and community stewardship. 

  • Eddy Cowan and Vonclifton Mathew – USAG Redstone Arsenal, AL 
  • Dave Roby – Arizona Department of Emergency Management and Military Affairs 
  • Celso Pacheco Jr. – City of Houston Office of Emergency Management 

Juvare Champion 

Four clients are being awarded this high honor for their tireless fortitude, adaptability and bold leadership. 

  • Amanda Bowling – U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
  • Katie Reid – Emergency Management British Columbia 
  • Shakiara Kitchen – Kaiser Permanente 
  • Sundee Winder – Louisiana Department of Health Bureau of Community Preparedness 

The William Ryan Honorary Award for Excellence 

William “Bill” Ryan was a career first responder from New York. He was one of the original responders on 9/11. After 9/11, he would go on to start a company dedicated to making EMS care more efficient. He would later bring that business into the Juvare family. 

Bill passed away five years ago due to complications from exposure at ground zero. Many at Juvare worked closely with Bill over the years and specifically recall his commitment and dedication to the causes he cared deeply about. This award is meant to remember William Ryan as well as recognize someone who currently exhibits the same sort of commitment and dedication. 

  • Greg Santa Maria – South Dakota Health Care Coalition 

 #TeamJuvare congratulates everyone on their accomplishments this year and for their continued dedication to helping the communities they serve. You have all proven once again that our clients are a community of battle-tested professionals. We look forward to continuing to work alongside you in the critically important work you do! 


Media Contact: 
Akshay Birla 
Chief Marketing Officer, Juvare 
[email protected] 

Juvare is a worldwide leader in crisis and emergency management software. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and volunteer organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit 

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Juvare Staff

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