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The 6th Annual Juvare Community™ Award winners are in!

Juvare is honored to announce the winners of the 6th Annual Juvare Community Awards! At every Juvare Users Conference, we present these awards to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the very best of the emergency management and enterprise continuity discipline and the organizations that support them. These awards are selected through a competitive process.

The award winners for this year are as follows:

Exceptional Response Award

In recognition of clients whose response to a crisis or incident effectively leveraged Juvare solutions and was also acknowledged externally as a significant or otherwise difficult response to manage:

  • Kenny Garrett, Henderson County, Kentucky, Emergency Management
  • Jeff Duvall, Sonoma County, California, Department of Emergency Management
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Health

Best Client-Led Users Group Award

In recognition of an individual whose efforts to share knowledge and information about Juvare solutions have helped users around the world prepare for and respond to emergencies more effectively:

  • Graham Jessiman, WebEOC Administrators Group

Best Daily Usage of a Juvare Solution Award

In recognition of clients whose commitment to applying Juvare solutions to daily use cases has reinforced the ability of their organizations to respond to any sort of request, critical incident, emergency, or disaster.

  • Brendan Sinatro, District of Columbia Hospital Association
  • District of Columbia Department of Health

Helping Hand Award

In recognition of clients whose assistance to other members of the Juvare Community has gone beyond the call of duty and who have exemplified informal coordination and stewardship:

  • Valeri Kolessar, Monroe County, Florida, Emergency Management
  • Matt Konopka and Mike McClelland, United States Department of Transportation

Juvare Champion Award

In recognition of clients who have demonstrated tireless fortitude, bold leadership, and adaptability in their implementation of Juvare solutions:

  • Dave Roby, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs
  • Sean Jolliff, Federal Emergency Management Agency

The William Ryan Honorary Award for Excellence

William (“Bill”) Ryan was a first responder from New York. As a member of the Bay Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps, he was one of the original responders at Ground Zero during the September 11 terrorist attacks. After 9/11, Bill went on to start a company dedicated to making EMS care more efficient and would later bring that business into the Juvare family.

Bill passed away in 2017 due to complications from exposure at Ground Zero. Many at Juvare worked closely with Bill over the years and continue to be inspired by his commitment and devotion to the causes he cared deeply about.

This award is dedicated to the memory of William Ryan and is presented in recognition of an individual who currently exhibits the same sort of commitment and devotion:

  • Rey Thompson, Utah Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management

The Juvare team congratulates everyone on their accomplishments this year and for their continued dedication to helping the communities they serve. You have all proven once again that our clients are a community of battle-tested professionals. We look forward to continuing to work alongside you in the critically important work you do!

About Juvare

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