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    Delivering Incident Management Solutions by Better Understanding How an Organization Operates

    As published in Goverment CIO Outlook.

    When dealing with emergency management, organizations often adopt a rigid and manual approach towards preparedness and response. Due to existing system and/ or program limitations, organizations employ non-configurable solutions or are forced to change their internal processes when responding to incidents. For more than 20 years, the Georgia-based emergency and incident management company, Juvare, has been offering advanced emergency management solutions that efficiently and effectively address these challenges. 

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    Better Together: Improving Outcomes when Data Pairs with Mapping

    As published in the IAEM November 2018 Bulletin.

    Trouble comes at us faster and more unpredictably than ever before, and time is never on our side during a disaster. If the wind changes during a wildfire, the whole scenario changes in an instant. Higher population densities make preparedness, response and recovery even more challenging. Old processes and antiquated ways of performing tasks add complexity to any event, and modern challenges demand strategically collaborative approaches.

    “Better together” is the result of a partnership designed to address these challenges. Formed between industry leaders, Juvare and Esri, the partnership combines the WebEOC and ArcGIS platforms to help mutual clients respond more quickly and effectively in any emergency.

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