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Case Study on a DOT’s Incident Management Using Emergency Response Technology [Georgia Department of Transportation]


Vehicular accidents, road closures, highway construction, maintenance activities and severe weather can all lead to traffic gridlock. Such gridlocks come with serious implications for personal safety and an ever-present potential for significant economic impacts. In an effort to ensure safety in these and related situations, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) entered into a discovery session with Intermedix to ensure safety and emergency management within their communities.

To learn more about how Georgia Department of Transportation ensured safety and managed daily and emergency operations with incident management technology, download our free case study!

GDOT’s NASCIO Award-winning IT department is using WebEOC to ensure a level of situational awareness that was previously unattainable. GDOT is now able to easily track jobs, tasks and missions through the department and quickly aggregate costs for FEMA reimbursement and reporting as required. Its platform connects with and complements other state information systems to facilitate communications, information sharing and response coordination across all involved state, local and federal agencies.

Download this case study to:

  • Learn how GDOT uses technology for daily operations.
  • Gain insight into technologies important for cross-agency collaboration.
  • Explore GDOT’s search for an all-in-one solution.

Ultimately, GDOT’s deployment of technology has ensured a safer and more efficient transportation network that supports the state’s dynamic, growing economy and its residents. GDOT has undoubtedly advanced in today’s technology-driven world and will only continue to reap the benefits of partnering with an international organization whose reach is ever expanding.

Written by

Akshay Birla

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