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Contact tracing is the next big undertaking as businesses and organizations begin reopening

The COVID-19 pandemic has required enormous and unprecedented actions in order to protect the health and safety of communities, organizations, and businesses. Although many have been making preparations for reopening, we still have a long way to go and massive efforts will be required to ensure safe processes for returning to somewhat “normal” operations. 

A key part of the process will be to continue steadily monitoring and tracking cases and contacts for coronavirus to avoid risk and prevent more outbreaks. This process, which includes contact tracing, will be complicated, time consuming, and will require ongoing diligence on the part of many people and many organizations.

Contact tracing allows agencies, organizations, and corporations the ability to record and monitor data about individuals who have contracted coronavirus or have come into contact with those who are infected.

Persons who have tested positive for coronavirus will need to be isolated until they are no longer sick. Each case has to be interviewed to identify individuals with whom they have had contact. Those who have been in contact with a case, or infected person, will need to be quarantined in case they also become sick, or until the incubation period passes or until their infectious period ends.

Coordinating all the processes of contact tracing – including testing, contacting cases, interviewing contacts, and monitoring ongoing COVID-19 testing, as well as tracking individuals in quarantine or in isolation – requires a solution that offers all the tools you need to efficiently and effectively keep track of all these tasks.

Juvare’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Case Management solution offers workflows for monitoring individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 or are confirmed to have contracted the virus and are able to isolate or self-quarantine at home.

Why use WebEOC for contact tracing?

Juvare’s WebEOC platform was built to give real-time situational awareness during critical incidents and emergencies in order to track, monitor, and respond effectively using standardized workflows and automation. So, WebEOC is uniquely suited to help organizations with activities like contact tracing.

Our new COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Case Management solution was specifically built on the WebEOC platform to provide the flexibility and scalability that organizations need for this complicated process. The platform also offers the highest control around privacy standards, which is necessary when dealing with private or confidential information.

What does it do?

The COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Case Management solution offers pre-configured workflows for data entry that simplify the process of collecting information about the point of exposure, risk factor, and symptoms — as well as details about subsequent interactions, contact information, demographics, family profile, and the quarantine period.

Information can be presented in an organized dashboard format, making high-risk conditions easy to identify and address. Color-coded or flagged statuses enable more efficient ongoing case management and encourage quick response to critical conditions, such as a significant change in symptoms that might require hospitalization. Users can also drill down into details regarding the person, their test results, and their outcome.

The solution allows for remote monitoring through in-person, telephone, or mobile app data entry. Automated reminders to perform regular check-in calls to update records can be scheduled and assigned for ongoing case management.

Individuals who are in quarantine or isolation can self-report on a daily basis by answering a series of questions on a mobile app. The mobile device’s GPS can also be used to establish geofencing and locational tracking. The solution also supports manual entry and direct interfaces with testing laboratories.

Ramp up your contact tracing capabilities now

Moving into this next phase of the COVID-19 response – reopening operations, performing contact tracing, and managing ongoing cases – is going to require efforts perhaps just as rigorous as those we’ve already been through.

Juvare’s technology, along with the support of our solutions experts, can help you continue to navigate through this health crisis as we move toward resuming more normal operations.

For more information about Juvare’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Case Management – powered by WebEOC, contact us today.

Written by

Akshay Birla

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