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Contact Tracing and Case Management

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Monitor individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 or are confirmed to have contracted the virus and are able to self-quarantine at home. The Juvare Contact Tracing and Case Management solution is built on our industry-leading WebEOC platform which provides scalability and offers the highest control around privacy standards.

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Contact Tracing Overview

Why You Need Contact Tracing and Case Managment

As organizations are beginning to evaluate processes for reopening, most need tracking and monitoring capabilities for contact tracing in order to help control the spread of COVID-19.

Contact tracing allows agencies, organizations, and corporations the ability to record and monitor data about individuals who have contracted coronavirus or have come into contact with those who are infected. This also allows monitoring ongoing COVID-19 testing, as well as tracking of those individuals who need to be in quarantine or in isolation until they are no longer contagious.  

As organizations perform contact tracing tasks, they can also work with individuals who have tested positive to determine everyone they may have had close contact with while they are infectious, and to contact those individuals to warn them about possible exposure to coronavirus so they can also be tested and treated if necessary.

Contact Tracing and Case Management

covid-19 contract tracing and case management workflows

Ready-to-Use Workflows and Processes

Preconfigured workflows for data entry simplify the process of collecting information about the point of exposure, risk factor, symptoms, as well as details about subsequent interactions, contact information, demographics, family profile, and the quarantine period.

User-Friendly and Highly Configurable

Contact Tracing information may be presented in an organized dashboard format, making high-risk conditions easy to identify and address. Color-coded or otherwise flagged statuses facilitate ongoing case management and encourage quick response to critical conditions, such as a significant change in symptoms that might require hospitalization. Users can also drill down into details regarding the person, their test results, and their outcome. 

covid-19 contract trading and case management dashboard in webeoc
covid-19 mobile response screenshot

Remote and Mobile Capabilities

The solution allows for remote monitoring through in-person, telephone, or mobile app data entry. Affected individuals can self-report on a daily basis by answering a series of questions on a mobile app. The mobile device’s global positioning system (GPS) can also be used to establish geofencing and locational tracking, in accordance with applicable regulations.  

Powered by WebEOC

Built with the most battle-tested emergency management and critical incident management technology which provides scalability and offers the highest control around privacy standards.

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