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COVID19 Response Rocks! – Energize your work from home and boost your mood with this eclectic mix from the Juvare team

Public health and emergency managers are tasked with unprecedented efforts and responsibilities with the multitude of COVID-19 preparation and response activities.

At Juvare, we have your back, from technology to support for all your COVID-19 response efforts.

We know you’re on the front lines for preparedness, response, and eventually, recovery from this pandemic. We know what you do is serious, necessary, and often stressful work.

Our mantra at Juvare is to “help the heroes” – to help you. So, along with the WebEOC boards we’ve created, resources, and best practices we’re sharing on juvare.com, we wanted to bring a little fun to the serious work you are doing.

Sometimes, music can help – whether it’s just getting in the flow, staying in the zone, or just decompressing or relieving stress. To that end, we’ve compiled a music playlist – the “COVID-19 Pandemic Playlist” – in Spotify, with lots of uplifting and timely tunes that we hope will give you some needed relief or put a little pep in your step as you work to keep our communities safe.

If you like, crank up this playlist – and let us know what other tunes you think we should add. [send us an email, or comment on our social media post].

And of course, don’t hesitate to call on us for any support you need with any of our solutions for your public health and critical incident management activities.

As always, we stand ready to support you during these difficult times.


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