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Delivering Incident Management Solutions by Better Understanding How an Organization Operates

As published in Goverment CIO Outlook.

When dealing with emergency management, organizations often adopt a rigid and manual approach towards preparedness and response. Due to existing system and/ or program limitations, organizations employ non-configurable solutions or are forced to change their internal processes when responding to incidents. For more than 20 years, the Georgia-based emergency and incident management company, Juvare, has been offering advanced emergency management solutions that efficiently and effectively address these challenges.

With a solution that can be customized and configured to meet an organization’s existing operations, Juvare helps organizations create effective ways to manage the incident planning, response, and recovery processes. The company is uniquely positioned in the incident management space to connect and generate interoperability and situational awareness across all aspects of preparedness and response within the public and private sectors.

Juvare, Latin for the phrase ‘to help,’ provides technology solutions that assist organizations with managing their emergency response incidents. “Our solutions enable organizations to monitor every aspect of the emergency management continuum, from planning, to response and recovery, and through mitigation. We strive to provide end-to-end solutions,” states Sam Klietz, senior vice president and chief client officer at Juvare.

To fully comprehend specific client requirements, Juvare executes a thorough review process by gathering as much information as possible about the client’s existing emergency management capabilities. Since many organizations favor either a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Juvare helps them understand these options and select the one that best meets their business needs. Juvare’s team then formulates and implements that particular solution for the client.

Juvare offers two incident management solutions––WebEOC and eICS––that enable organizations of all sizes to manage incidents more effectively. The company has designed these solutions to make actionable plans developed through risk analyses and vulnerability assessments, which identify risk types and mitigation factors. “After the evaluations have been completed our software enables agencies to plan and facilitate the response process and alleviate the risks. We then convert those plans into actions when an event occurs. Basically, it means that the business can hit ‘go,’ and all the planning work that has taken place behind the scenes becomes systematically managed,” explains Klietz.

Today, as organizations are indulging in granular identification of incident management, Juvare has continued its dedication toward mobile platforms. The company also understands the importance of data security, as they are committed to ensuring that proper security certifications and measures are obtained before implementing its solutions. Emphasizing on other key operational areas, Klietz says, “We listen to our clients and guide them through critical decision-making in regard to incident management. We understand that many organizations do not implement just one emergency management solution, and with this knowledge, we are further expanding the notion of data sharing and interoperability.” With a network optimized for data exchange, Juvare is looking to connect agencies across public and private sectors to work as partners.

Going forward, Juvare’s focus will be on expanding across all areas of government as well as the private sector, including having a deep focus across healthcare. Geographically, outside of its continued North America focus, expansion includes Europe, the Middle Eastern region, and Australia.

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Written by

Akshay Birla

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