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Finding a method in the mad dash to reopen for normal operations

After months of disrupted, disjointed, or altogether suspended operations, most organizations are champing at the bit to return to work. However, moving too quickly could potentially cause more harm than good if the rush to reopen results in missteps that jeopardize health and safety.

In spite of their eagerness to get back to normal, leadership teams across all organizations have to find the right methods and processes to navigate the complexities of reopening and take a steady and workable approach to make sure the many requirements are met for returning to work.

Whether it’s a business or corporation, a school system or higher education institution, or a public health agency – each has unique needs that have to be met to ensure the safety of their constituents – whether employees, students, faculty, or an entire community.

Among the first priorities to reopen is to establish the proper workflows necessary to protect the safety of the workforce.

Challenges of returning to campus

Higher education institutions have to be especially careful considering the unique campus environment with multiple facilities, classrooms, dining halls, and other activities and events.

Colleges and universities have a multitude of planning challenges, with unprecedented factors to consider, such as cleaning and disinfecting facilities, class sizes and density within residential, dining, and other facilities, stocking PPE, health and safety training, COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, monitoring cases, liability concerns, regulations and requirements of federal, state, and local agencies, and many more.

Broad situational awareness capabilities will be essential to establish and enable processes for performing these and other campus-related processes. With centralized information and data that can be efficiently shared with key stakeholders within the institution, colleges and universities will be better able to take actions can be taken quickly to respond to any incident regarding health, facilities status, classes being conducted, the number of people on campus, gatherings of people, and more.

WebEOC Campus is specifically designed to help higher education institutions navigate the complexities of safely returning to normal operations, with dynamic workflows to manage return-to-campus requirements, mitigate risks, prepare for future critical incidents, and help keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

Challenges for reopening businesses operations

Protecting the health and safety of employees, customers, and business partners is the foremost concern among businesses as they reopen operations. Business leaders have to consider how to safeguard conditions and work interactions in a wide variety of settings and situations including offices, open workspaces, warehouses, work-related travel, etc.

Effective processes and solutions are also needed to give business leaders the situational awareness to monitor and manage the circumstances and requirements of returning to work.

Businesses should conduct a detailed and ongoing assessments of facilities and physical workplace to identify potential issues related to COVID-19, as well as track and retain adequate supplies necessary for maintaining health, such as disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc. It’s also important to schedule and track facility cleaning and disinfecting tasks.

WebEOC Workplace helps businesses and organizations of all sizes with workflows to perform these and many other activities effectively to safely reopen and return to normal operations.

Solutions to meet all return-to-operations challenges

Both WebEOC Campus and WebEOC Workplace are flexible and scalable solutions, and are powered by WebEOC, the industry standard in emergency management, and can be configured to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, or higher learning institutions of any size.

These solutions offer the necessary workflows, and address the distinct needs of businesses, organizations, and higher education institutions – allowing them to bridge the gap between critical incident management technology and pandemic-specific workflows, including contact tracing, to return to operations safely and efficiently.

Businesses and higher education institutions also need to be sure they are adhering to relevant regulations, requirements, or recommendations from public health agencies, local and state government, as well as applicable guidelines from CDC, the Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Labor, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Due to the sensitive nature of some COVID-19 data, the cloud-based design of both the Campus and Workplace solutions support the highest control of privacy standards, protecting all private and confidential information.

Other features that meet the needs of campuses and businesses alike include:

    • Centralized executive dashboards for complete situational awareness
    • Pre-configured workflows for fast time to value
    • Editable checklist templates based on FEMA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines
    • Mobile-ready individual/case check-in workflows
    • Contact tracing and case management with automated prompts
    • Facility status monitoring
    • Community impact tracking
    • Request/task Management
    • Employee status log
    • Secure file library
    • Twitter feed monitoring
    • ArcGIS COVID19 map dashboards
    • Juvare Exchange for collaboration with the Juvare Community™
    • Optional Microsoft Teams integration*

WebEOC Workplace and WebEOC Campus are the latest in Juvare’s line of emergency preparedness and response technology that have been used for past outbreak response efforts including: H1N1 (Swine Flu), H5N9 (Avian Flu), Ebola (EVD), and the SARS outbreak.

While the two solutions share some of the same functionality, we know that reopening businesses versus reopening higher education institutions are two very different processes; so each of the solutions were carefully designed to carry out workflows and processes to meet those specific needs.

Let us show you how Juvare can help you safely return to the new normal.

Reach out to us today for a demo of WebEOC Campus or WebEOC Workplace.

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