WebEOC Campus

WebEOC Campus

Emergency preparedness and response solutions with pandemic-specific workflows, such as contact tracing and case management, to deliver the dynamic processes higher education institutions need to keep people safe in order to return to campus.

Return-to-Campus Solution

WebEOC Campus is designed to help higher education institutions of all sizes effectively manage the complexities of returning to campus, not only monitoring individuals, but also tracking facility statuses, PPE supplies, task assignments, and ongoing processes and procedures required. 

What is WebEOC Campus?


Facility Management

Monitor the operational status of all facility locations from a single screen with tracking statuses including open, closed, exposed, cleaned, ready for faculty and staff, PPE on hand, and more. Statuses can be fully customized to each organization’s unique requirements.

facility status tracking with map
covid-19 contact tracing dashboard for webeoc workplace and webeoc campus

Contact Tracing and Case Management

Remotely monitor individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 or are confirmed to have contracted the disease and are able to self-quarantine at home through in-person, telephone, or mobile app data entry.

Pre-Built Checklist Templates

Leverage pre-built workflow templates based on FEMA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines. Workflow templates are fully editable and can be customized to fit the unique operational requirements of any organization.

editable checklist template
executive dashboard for high level monitoring

Executive Level Dashboards

Get a complete picture of your operations with automatically aggregated data in a centralized dashboard for comprehensive situational awareness and full-scope visualization to empower informed and efficient decision making.

Mobile Ready Workflows

Enable faculty and staff check-ins, oversee facility management, manage critical tasks, and more from anywhere using the WebEOC Campus mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

WebEOC Campus Features

  • Centralized executive dashboards

    for complete situational awareness.

  • Pre-configured workflows

    for fast time to value.

  • Editable checklist templates

    based on FEMA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines.

  • Employee check-in workflows

    built for mobile use.

  • Contact tracing and case management

    with automated prompts.

  • Facility status tracking

    to monitor conditions of buildings, classrooms, and other facilities.

  • Community impact tracking

    to monitor conditions in the surrounding community.

  • Juvare Exchange

    for collaboration with the Juvare Community™.

7 Steps to Ensure a Safe Return to Campus

Learn how you can get faculty, staff, and students back to campus with these 7 essential steps.

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